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YouTube Vlog Series: “Jamdung Twinnies”

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If you ever wanted to watch a web series hosted by Jamaican paternal twins with an adventurous take on fashion, history, responsibilities and travelling, then the “Jamdung Twinnies” are exactly what you need. Fairly new in its inception, we get to see Grace and Andrea in their element as they take island trips, give parenting advice, and even offer tips on how to get through school without making too many mistakes.

The second episode really got me into their channel. Titled “University Do’s and Don’ts”, I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched them relate their experiences, all while being video-bombed by their adorable children. They stress that one should check out the finances necessary to start university, and that students should refrain from “winging it” when selecting their modules. Shyness and being isolated is also heavily discouraged (indeed, it hardly ever works in the real world while trying to achieve your goals). Speaking from experience, they advised that having a child in university would slow down the process of earning a degree (Grace: “College itself is a stressful experience, and den when you couple dat wid pregnancy that’s like a double whammy – yuh nuh need da whammy deh…”). Overall, it’s a pretty good introductory video for anyone heading to/currently enrolled in university, as success should and must always be the aim.

Another episode I like is “Family Road Trip to Moore Town, Portland”. Through their documentation, I was able to see what travelling through a Maroon town was like, from seeing the monument marking the area as a World Heritage site and “Bump Grave” (where national heroine Nanny of the Maroons is buried) to even learning a few Maroon words like “Akwaba”, meaning “How are you?” and “Wa’ou Tessen” which means “Welcome”. Overall you get to enjoy the vibe and the atmosphere that the 1000+ inhabitants of the town call home, and insight is shed as it relates to the role of tourism that provides jobs for these descendants of the Windward Maroons who care for Moore Town and preserve the cultural legacy of Jamaica in their own way.

One can even watch the episode where they go to the “Bread Basket” parish of St. Elizabeth and also go to Manchester to visit “God’s Well” and “Canoe Valley”, areas that I had never even heard or read about before. As I type this, the world is going through a serious Coronavirus pandemic. In order for Jamaica to escape most of the dire repercussions of this disease, heavy restrictions have been placed on where one can go and what they can do. Being able to virtually go through the bushes with a tour guide, take a boat ride with alligators, see God’s Well (without falling into it) and learn about the flora and fauna of the location was enough to soothe my soul since “outside nah keep”. Just be careful and wear appropriate boots or sneakers, or else you’ll get a “maka plant” (thorn) in your foot.

This series is a recommended watch, and I definitely encourage you to take it all in.

Blessings in abundance!



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