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YouTube Vlog: “Life Of Shantar”

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Vlogs are some of the more interesting content surfacing on the internet these days, and Shantar Chin is gracefully adding her flair to the collection of online offerings available. This daughter of the Jamaican soil is steadily building an audience with her videos that showcase her travels to various locations, her skill as a product reviewer, her singing talents and even her usually awkward interactions with the animals in her environment.

The top-rated video for me so far was of her visit to Unruly River in St. Thomas, Jamaica. I hadn’t even known that such a river existed, and was pleased to learn of its backstory as the favourite hangout spot of local superstar Popcaan. Shantar shows the amazing environmental setting, and we get to see a bit of what it’s like to hang out with friends and food by the riverside in Jamaica. At one point, she unintentionally slips while capturing footage and sprains her ankle – which was undoubtedly painful, but deliciously authentic. Major healing to you, ami (amen)!

A next favourite of mine was her visit to Bamboo Blu in St. Ann. This video was filmed after her visit to Unruly River, so Shantar can be seen gingerly walking as she gives us the tour. This doesn’t detract from the pace of the overall atmosphere, however, and we get plenty of shots that include swaying coconut trees, sea and sand, magically painted sunsets and even dogs trying to get their on-screen cameo.

On another note, it is documentation like this that really emphasizes the times that we are currently living in. As the current pandemic wreaks havoc on the tourism sector, we could see that a lot of the games, restaurants and crowded activities that usually define these areas of interest were absent. For someone like me who hates crowds, now would be the perfect time to make a visit. With less international tourists, there have been cries for hoteliers and other related personnel to market their attractions to local consumers who can make use of the opportunity to immerse themselves in their home paradise. We have the power to sustain our own industries.

A noteworthy video was when she visited a park in Virginia, U.S.A. She shows the Brown’s Island Mill, and even the bridge commemorating General E. Lee’s defeat, but most of all show us her singing voice. I’d definitely support your music career, Shantar!

She even goes into doing an unboxing for a device known as a “Popl” that you attach to the back of your phone. It works wonders by allowing you to tap your phone to another phone so that you can instantly share social media contact information without too much typing or talking, which isn’t necessarily feasible if you’re a busy person on the go or prone to situations where incorrect information was collected because of one reason or another.

Overall, the videos are exceptional in filming and editing. The sound design is appropriate and hilarious, and everything from music choices to visuals shows preparation, solid work ethic and a promise of more to come.

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Blessings in abundance!


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