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YouTube Natural Hair Series: Izzy Andromeda

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In my hair journey, I’ve researched a whole lot about types, textures, and products/routines that have provided wonderful results for those who practice them. I salute all the ambassadors of healthy hair, and today we’ll spend time with the illuminative Izzy Andromeda as she takes us through her own routines.



What inspired you to create your YouTube channel?

“I realized that I wasn’t taking the best care of my own hair and even though persons thought it was very healthy and flourishing, I knew otherwise. Additionally, I wanted to explore different styles, tools, products and techniques while building on my limited hair styling skills. I also developed an interest for editing and photography which I knew that having a YouTube channel would help facilitate. Lastly, I figured that having a channel would help me keep myself accountable since I intended to do it consistently and for the long term.”


I’ve seen that you post a lot of varied hairstyles. Are there any role models or influences that you follow?

“Even before I knew I would have a natural hair channel, there were influencers who I watched religiously because they inspired me so much. Though they all focus on hair, each brings something different to the table. I’m very interested in the trendy, versatile styles that @damnthatschev does and she has inspired some hairstyles of mine. I follow @kimberlycherrell because of her detailed, informative videos and positive “get up and do it” attitude. @willnotwilly has a fun editing style, comical personality and does great reviews. He is also one of the few very successful male natural hair YouTubers I know. There are also others like @jaelenmitchell, @onlyonejess_, @kandidkinks, @joiwade_ and more who I follow and look up to for other reasons.”

Your loved ones tend to be featured in your productions. How important is this to the outcome of your work?

“I like to have different faces and voices in my videos every now and then to change things up. Having people I care about being in my videos makes the process more enjoyable, and sometimes easier because I have more hands on deck that way. But most importantly, YouTube has become a personal and symbolic part of my routine. Including these individuals, whether on camera or off, means I am allowing them to be a part of something significant to me.”



In your opinion, do many Jamaicans understand how to treat their hair in a healthy way, or is this a privilege that only certain individuals tend to have?

“I think about this very often and my answer, based on personal experience and observation, is that many Jamaicans are exposed to shampoo, conditioner, a few oils and moisturizers but not much else where natural hair is concerned. I also note that persons with processed or chemically straightened hair would typically use a wider range of products. Protein treatments, leave-ins, hair masks and so on are not routine products for many. This starts from earlier years and many persons carry it into adulthood. Another thing I’ve noticed is that, in general, best practices are not observed. These include proper detangling methods, choosing products better suited for their unique hair type and so on. Many times, in the pursuit of an attractive hairstyle, persons put themselves at risk of heat damage, thinning hairlines, weak ends and the list goes on. In more recent years, however, with a rise in natural hair intelligence and information being more accessible, I have noticed more persons taking better care of their hair. This has definitely been true in my case.”

As black people, how does our hair define us?

“This is such a loaded question. Hair means so many things in Black culture. The different patterns, styles, techniques and so on are reflective of various points and places in Black history and filled with meaning and heritage. The way we manipulate our hair tells stories of creativity, versatility, achievement, artistry and so much more, even if we don’t currently realize it. Like our skin, with its varying tones and deep symbolism, out hair is a defining characteristic of our people as well as our individual and collective history.”

Please feel free to visit Izzy at her links below:

Izzy Andromeda Instagram

Izzy Andromeda YouTube

Blessings in abundance!


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