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Workplace Causing Stress? It is Not Worth It!

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Having a career or job, where you can earn and satisfy your needs and wants is unbelievably amazing. It is a very fulfilling feeling that a lot of individuals crave and welcome. The monster however, is when the happiness of earning fades to constant dread when you are approaching that place of business.

Do you have to mentally prepare yourself to get out of the house for work?

Does a feeling of negative energy permeate your body when you are sitting at that office desk?

Are you constantly watching the time, praying for the lunch hour, praying for the closing time?

Do you feel unbelievably awful when it is time to return to work after vacation leaves and holidays?

Is there a feeling of constant mistrust every time you interact with a co-worker or manager?

Do you view top management in a negative light?

If the answer is YES to most or all of those questions, then you need to start planning your escape from that toxic work environment. It makes no sense holding out until something changes, you may just be wasting your precious time.

Chaos in Personal Life

A toxic work environment can be one of the worst things experienced by individuals. Lisa Tynan from TopResume states that “A toxic workplace can be defined as any job where the work, the atmosphere, the people, or any combination of those things cause serious disruptions in the rest of your life.” Toxic work environments can bleed into so many different aspects of your life. Time with family and friends can be wasted by constantly trying to gain some understanding of the bizarre incidents that happened at work. As a result, it can be very detrimental to your health and well-being, where doctor bills and multiple pills just keep piling up. Relationships can also be severed due to loved ones not understanding the full scope of the situation, or even how to help you deal with it.

Take the Reins

It is simply not worth it to live your life like that, take the reins and start putting your life back on track. You have a right to live a healthy, happy and amazing life. Often times, we have the impression that we need to face these circumstances in order to acquire certain things in life, especially when you have a family that depends on you. I must reiterate, it is not worth it. This was your sign, now start working on it. Send your resume to that amazing organization or start that business that you had been having constant daydreams about. Start the movement!




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