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Deandra is a newly college graduate with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. She went into college not knowing what she wanted to do exactly besides help people. Little did she know, that blogging would become part of her life. Deandra is a poetry writer with hopes of creating her own poetry books in the very near future. She started off showcasing her poetry on Tumblr, but had a need of wanting to share her works in a bigger space. Thus The Black Princess Diaries was born. Her intentions were to only showcase her poetry, but she realized that she wanted more. She decided to do more than just poetry on her blog. It was a random spur of the moment decision, but she began to realize that blogging was something she quickly learned to love. Her passion has gone into all of her posts and she’s making strides towards her blogging journey. She has been blogging for a little over a year and during that time she’s been selected for a multiple of blogger awards, has done a product review, made some amazing friends in the blogging community, has been selected to be in a blogger spotlight, and just recently made it to 500 subscribers on her blog. Blogging has become her passion and she plans on taking it further. Deandra wants to take The Black Princess Diaries and make it into a business. She wants to sell merchandise, write books, and even possibly have her own store in the future. 

Her blog features different posts that can be helpful to women who are planning on starting their own business or journey into the blogging community and even beyond. With posts such as “Help, I’m A Broke Blogger”; “How To Pursue Your Ambition In Life”; and many more, she helps gives tips and provide motivation for any and all women can use to succeed while giving them hope that they can do anything they want if they put their mind to it. 

D’orande has provided Deandra with encourage during the days when the motivation has just slipped away. It can be hard to stay motivated sometimes, but with quotes like “ When your pain gets tough, your game needs to get rough”, It provides Deandra with a reminder that she needs to keep going to despite the lack of motivation she feels or no matter what she’s going through. 

Though Deandra is still on her journey of being the entrepreneur and business woman she’d like to become, she has learned some skills and insights through her one year of blogging. Those insights she shared with everyone on her blog post titled “What I’ve Learned in A Year of Blogging”. Some of the tips and advice she shares is that you should be your authentic self and that it’s ok to take a break. When she talks about being your authentic self, she states “I’ve given blogging tips before and this will always and forever be an important lesson to learn. It’s so easy to fall into the “typical blogger” persona, but you have to be yourself. Write how you write and about what you love..even if it’s out of the “norm”.” When she talks about it being ok to take a break, she tells people “I had to take a little break once (literally just a week) just to work on updating the look of my blog. I hated it at first because I wanted to stay consistent, but eventually, I began to like it. Everyone needs a break at some point. Whether a short one just to upgrade your blog or a longer one to get yourself together. A break is totally fine and well deserved.” There are more tips like these and others on her blog that are useful for fellow women bloggers like herself and businesswomen. 

This article was contributed to D’orandae by Deandra James

Get in touch with Deandra: 

Instagram- @theblackprincessdiaries

Facebook- facebook.com/blackprincessdiaries

Twitter: @_BPDiaries_

Pinterest: pinterest.com/theblackprincessdiaries

Listen to her podcast: The Black Princess Diaries on Spotify and Anchorfm

Blog: theblackprincessdiaries.com

Email: [email protected]



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