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Woman Held in Manchester with Fire Arms Raises Many Questions

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It comes as no surprise to the publucto learn that search operations in some of the parishes in the West, yielded firearms. However, finding an AK47 rifle, a sub-machine gun, and other such lethal weapons definitely calls for more scrutiny and if the person in whose possession these arms were found happens to be a woman, it becomes all the more intriguing. These are not based on hypothetical statements, but rather facts. The items seized by the police also included a homemade gun and ten rounds of ammunition. The search operations in the area known as Alligator Pond in Manchester and the arrest was made last Friday at 8 pm.

The name of the arrested woman has been thus far withheld. Only a detailed investigation will bring out the details of how the woman came to be in possession of the weapons. She will have to be probed on where she got the arms from and if she had any involvement with the criminal gangs the law enforcement has been trying to fight these past few years.

There is every possibility the woman is innocent and was being used by one of the gangs with some form of threat. The questions now being put on the table are, will she be able to share with the police what she knows or will she be more scared of the gangs and remain silent? The answers and details she had given at the time of interrogation are yet to be verified. The Jamaican government, the military, and JCF may have to jointly mount a massive PR exercise to inform the public of the dangers of harbouring criminals or cowering to their threats.

Ultimately, bringing peace to the parishes is a collective responsibility of all concerned, including the ordinary public. This incident may also reinforce the strong opinion among many that the search operations must continue and the criminal elements flushed out.


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