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WiPay e-commerce Payment Platform to Hit Jamaican Market

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Another convenient e-commerce platform has arrived in the Jamaican market place. This new platform is WiPay, a Trinidadian based payment platform designed to make it easier for users to pay, process, or accept payments digitally.

The launch of the WiPay e-commerce platform took place on Thursday, June 27, 2019, at the AC Hotel in Kingston. Jamaica joins other Caribbean countries in accepting the Trinidadian technology solutions company and the WiPay digital payment platform. The payment platform makes online transactions less cumbersome for micro, small, medium and large enterprises.

Jamaica Forging Ahead in E-commerce Systems

Chief Executive Officer of WiPay Jamaica Aldwyn Wayne in his presentation observed that many countries in the Latin American and the Caribbean region are left behind as e-commerce and e-payment technologies advance globally. The region is “still operating primarily with hard cash and other paper-based services”, he said.

The CEO, however, acknowledged that the Jamaican government’s increased focus on building a modern economy through digital transactions has put the country ahead. Jamaica is “making good headway to developing the right ecosystem for economic growth through e-commerce”, he observed.

What is WiPay?

Aldwyn Wayne, Founder, and CEO of WiPay Caribbean. The company launched WiPay e-commerce payment platform in Jamaica recently.

The WiPay online payment system is to help businesses that want to sell products and services on the internet. This payment platform helps businesses to accept credit and debit cards, bank accounts, and cash online no matter where the customer is located.

For businesses to use the WiPay payment platform, they must download the WiPay plug-in and embed it on their website. As an alternative, a company can use the Zwillo Invoice application if it does not have a website of its own. Once the company sends its invoice, the customer will be able to pay with a credit card, a bank account, or with a cash voucher.

One of the convenient features of WiPay is the ability to top up balances on the WiPay card so that online payments may continue. This feature is especially useful for customers that do not have a credit card. So, customers can top up their WiPay with a bank transfer or directly online.

Jamaican Government On Board

Fayval Williams, Minister of Science, Energy, and Technology, who spoke at the launch said that WiPay  revolutionised the way payments are being made in Jamaica. “Once you begin to make online easier, more people will embrace it. Our bank system is inaccessible to a lot of people, any way to have them get online and partake in e-commerce for the first time is a step in the right direction”, She said.

The Minister also noted that the Jamaican government recently signed an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) bill. This piece of legislation will also allow the application of an online platform for use by the whole of government. She also noted that the steps toward achieving greater ICT adaptation begin with the Jamaican government. Once the government becomes more efficient, more citizens will use online services and learn cybersecurity measures.

WiPay Expected to Start Operation Within Three Months

Credit went to the Lasco Group for bringing the WiPay technology to Jamaicans.  With over 140 locations islandwide,  the Lasco Financial Services partnered with WiPay to serve as the top-up location across the island. The Minster of Science, Energy, and Technology also committed to assist in the deployment of the WiPay technology and help businesses to grow and remove the ‘red tape’ that impedes businesses.

WiPay Jamaica is a subsidiary of WiPay Caribbean Limited which is a Trinidadian technology solutions company.  It has already introduced the WiPay platform in Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, and Guyana. Its new WiPay platform will come on stream within the next three months after it receives approval from the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ).


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