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What will life be like after COVID 19? (50 opinions in 10 words or less)

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What do you think life will be like after Covid19?

The world is plagued with a dangerous discordance of beliefs. Experts such as doctors, scientists and politicians have given their take on how to best combat Covid19, ‘The world war of the 21st century’. It’s a war on global security, some experts have said in the numerous articles, videos and tweets that I’ve come across. It’s one that attacks the people and the health of our citizens. A popular counter has been that the ‘Liberals are over-reacting! The government needs to re-open the economy, because this lockdown, (like that of a prison), is hurting the people and their livelihoods’.

It’s been quite stimulating, watching the dogfights and attacks between each side as they attempt to align the other with their beliefs.

Despite the discordance of opinions about how to placate the ramifications of Covid19, it’s almost a surety among everyone that this pandemic will be the turn of the century; new beginnings that shave off the troubles of a pre-historic society.

The trend in several of my history classes has been to landmark the historical events that caused great changes in society. For example, World War II gave rise to neo-liberalism that pushed for globalization and birthed organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank.

COVID 19 is no doubt one of the landmarks of our era. After the pandemic comes to an end or at least slows down enough for us to click ‘resume’ on our lives, what do you imagine the world will look like?

I collected 50 opinions and asked them to give me their take on life after Covid-19 in 10 words or less.



D: Everything, but nothing, will be changed. Masked with no distance

D: Our perception of time will continue to be fucked

M: Art will be deemed much more “essential”!

N: Lots more artisan bread

T: After the pandemic, everyone will have a favourite homemade meal.

A: No one learns from history, so we’ll continue unsustainable practices

D: The “ordinary” days that we had before, will feel unnatural

K: Remind us all that nothing in life is certain

C: People will be more patient, understanding, and aware of differences.

U: The masked trend will continue

K: Honourable Bro Gad will be remembered as our Obama

L: Everything gon be on some bullshit

D: Even after COVID, Jamaica still won’t be a real place



Crashing debilitating economies sounds like fun, right? No? Nor the prospect of life-long debts or unemployment? Well, how do you think the Covid19 pandemic will affect our Economy?

T: Very anti-capitalist

R: We’re going to realize how little our jobs value us and how big of a scam capitalism is.

C: People will keep faith in the community, not capitalism.

L: It’s a possibility that this will become the Great Depression 2.0

M: The government will invest in agriculture more than tourism

Z: Technologic innovation

J: Greater attempts at reducing visible inequalities

C: Prices of products are going to skyrocket

T: Freelancers, minimum wage workers & small business owners will suffer

K: Young professionals can finally think about buying real houses!

C: Businesses /will/ enter the 21st-century offering deliveries & curbside pickup

W: Unless the ruling class changes nothing will change



I know you’ve been washing your hands for at least 20 seconds all your life, right? Even under your fingernails too, yeah? Along with sanitizing your phone regularly and — you know what. Tell me what you think worldwide health and cleanliness will look like post Covid19.

C: Restaurants will clean up the place dem betta!

A: People will be more cautious

H: We will all master the art of putting our health first

C: Mental health will finally be prioritized

Z: The depression rate will increase. Even introverts are overwhelmed.

R: The extroverts are going to need serious therapy.

A: PTSD when you hear somebody cough

K: We will master levitation after months of meditation.



COVID 19 will either have made us ten times more introverted because we’re used to being inside now and binge-watching an entire Netflix series in less than a day or maybe ten times more extroverted because, my God, do we miss the parties, the restaurants, the fresh air.

R: We’re going to be forced to figure out a new way of living.

J: Quiet. A more considerate undertaking of living intentionally and presently.

G: More time inside and online but more fruitful social gatherings

D: A reduced emphasis on in-person interactions

A: Social media and the internet itself will be taken more seriously

Z: New sensations of overstimulation

T: Older people will become more technologically savvy

C: Businesses will now be active on social media

N: People will not want to return to the office setting.

P: Many Netflix accounts activated will no longer be used

A: More people will have a drinking or drug problems



It’s no surprise that all our relationships will be shaken up after Covid19. What will we all decide is the new normal for our romantic and platonic relationships?

G: Hand holding will become first base

A: We’ll have to learn how to hug again

C: People are going to appreciate physical touch a lot more

T: We’ll hold our lovers all the tighter.

C: We will all have a greater appreciation for the physicality

J: The sex finna slap differently.


Do you agree with any of the opinions above? Let me know in the comments which opinion you agree with the most!


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