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What to do if Covid-19 took your job

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I’ve not been on this earth long enough to compare the severity of world events but based on the views of others; this truly is the worst the world’s economy has been in. Covid-19 has ruined lives by stealing joy, money, and lives; many personal and business lives have been severely impacted not just in Jamaica but across the globe. 

On the other hand, Covid 19 has shown us what should be important in our lives; realizing that the things that truly matter we have been taking for granted just for the sake of earning a buck to spend it on bills.

The question that many are asking now is “What should I do now that Covid-19 took my job?” Thankfully, I have a few suggestions below:

Enjoy the moments with your family – Many despise the Kardashian family for reasons that are unknown to me. Yet one thing this family has is their especially close bond. Through thick and thin, profits and loss they hold each other down. This family is worthy of mention because it is important to see that family isn’t here to hold you back but working as a team can lead lounge you forward. During this period, can you take this opportunity to spend time with your family members and catch up on moments that you’ve missed due to work? Can you use this opportunity to understand what a family member does during the days or how your presence can be a positive influence on them?

Consider changing careers – Many of us HATE the job that we are in, “It pays the bills” is the world-renown excuse. Can we use this time off from our job to focus on kickstarting our careers? Can we stop complaining about not having a job for just a second and schedule time to seriously consider what our next step is in our career? It will not be the easiest thing in the world to do because we will have to be willing to unlearn everything we know and start something new. This is a task that will require focus and humility but there is a rich reward during the process.

Weight Loss/Weight Gain – If Covid-19 has taught us one thing is that Health is Wealth. For all of us (yes, myself included) our health should be our main focus during this pandemic. Our lives depend on it! Weight Loss is important for persons who are severely obese; on the other hand, weight gain is important for persons on the opposite end of the scale. Quarantine has left us alone at home with tonnes of food, but it has also left us with time on our hands. Instead of feeding on unhealthy snacks all day, how about working out for 45-60 minutes every day and purchasing healthy food that requires you to prepare. That way you cut out feeding on snacks; so each time you feel hungry you would be required to cook the meal.

Work on your business – This topic gets me excited because I LOVE talking to people about focusing on their business. I meet many persons through my businesses daily and it annoys me to know that actual talented people are living among me who lack to see the potential within themselves. Instead of seeing unemployment as a negative how about changing your mindset to see this as an opportunity? An opportunity to start a business, grow your business; an opportunity to put yourself out there?

Educate yourself – Lack of employment has also freed up our schedule to continue our education. Many persons have wanted to go back to school for the longest while but the favorite excuse to use was “I don’t have the time” Your schedule is free now. Understandably, schools are closed but there is the option of learning online. Take this time off to focus on improving your education.

Covid-19 may have taken your job but it has also given you back everything you were held captive from. Family Life, the opportunity to change your career, weight loss/gain, work on your business, and educate yourself. Use this quarantine period as an opportunity, not a distraction.


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