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Weight Loss vs Mindset

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Many have had a love-hate relationship with weight loss; over the years, I have been one of the many. Growing older, experiences and knowledge has taught us a lot of things, self-love is one of them.

Weight Loss comes from a place of love. You love your body so much, you see the need to make better choices, eat better, exercise more even smile more. I have not been in a situation where my doctor has told me I needed to lose weight and if I am going to be honest, I do not want to be in that situation.

I can already feel and see the effects of being obese. I’ve stopped taking pictures because I hate the way I look. I stopped dressing up because I don’t feel good in my skin. I stay home and dive neck first into my work which seems all good and fine until you hate what you see in the mirror.

Every year, millions of people make new year resolutions; in 2018 more than 40% have shared their desire to lose weight. I know I am one of those persons every single year. Even gyms have stated that their membership increases every January because of our desire to lose weight and be healthy. For me, I could never understand why I gain 40 pounds every year when my goal is to lose and maintain between 80-100 pounds. 

A co-worker of mine has a beautiful shape, I question her regularly as to what she eats, her exercise and overall mindset when it comes on to her body. She shared her diet, eating times, and habits, and when I compared it to mine; I understood exactly why I looked and feel the way I do. 

Her diet consists of eating mostly fruits and veggies, little to no fats, and portion control. The way she prepared her meals, the times she ate, and the portion of food consumed were the keys to her fabulous shape.

I know, I know, you are thinking, “Doesn’t the world already know this?” 

Well, yes. I must agree with you, the world does know this but the question is why are over 40% of the world’s population complaining about obesity and the effects of it? Don’t they know that all they have to do is eat properly, exercise more and the weight will fall off?


“Master your mindset and you’ll master your body.” a popular quote in the fitness world. Simply put, once you’ve understood and controlled your mind then you’ll be able to control your body. How can this be true for you? 

Consider the following tips:

  1. Learn about your body– Bodies are like fingerprints, no two are the same. This is why you will see many health companies and blogs and diets that work for someone but not you. You need to understand what your body is lacking and what it needs. Just imagine, your diet consists of excessive starches and no ounce of veggies. To lose weight, you would need to limit your starch consumption and increase your vegetable intake.
  2. Envision the new you – After watching hours of weight loss videos on youtube, one thing each journey had in common was the ability to see the skinnier and healthier version of themselves. Can this be the same for you? Can you see yourself 20, 40, 100, 200 pounds lighter? Do you think you will love that version of yourself? 
  3. Cut Yourself some slack – Eating ice-cream or grabbing some spicy fried chicken from KFC one day will not hurt your body; slacking off one weekend should not be the reason you are not losing weight. This can be compared to eating unhealthy 29 days of the month; one day you eat vegetables will not cause you to lose 100 pounds, likewise, eating junk or ditching the gym one day will not hurt you. What you do consistently is what really matters, don’t fade away in the background and continue on the dark and lonely path of treating your body like dirt. Be committed to keep working hard to get into the best shape of your life.
  4. Prepare yourself – One thing I have learned in managing more than 3 businesses while working a full-time job is that you will not always feel like doing a task. You will not always feel like making the right choice on any given day while other times, you may just be busy. What plans are in place for days like those? Well, just as if you would prepare for a good day and things go well it is strongly recommended that you put plans in place for days that may not go as planned. For example, let’s say one day your meeting with your boss went longer than you’ve initially planned which resulted in your getting home late. Now it’s 8:30 pm and your only focus is going to bed. It would be easy to stop at Burger King or KFC on your way home, wouldn’t it? But what if you prepared quick or one-pot meals that are healthy or if you had a tea in stock you could make to fill your hunger before going to bed? 

In conclusion, we can agree that weight loss is directly affiliated with your mindset towards food, an understanding of your body and health. We can start this long but fulfilling journey by learning about your body, seeing yourself as the new you, cutting yourself some slack if you mess up, and preparing yourself for days with hiccups.


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