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Water Supply to Several Parishes Affected Due to High Debris

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The National Water Commission (NWC) has reported that there is an increase in the debris at the Great River Treatment Plants and Martha Brae. This has reduced the amount of water available for the purpose of treatment. The debris in the water was a result of heavy rainfall in the past few days. NWC informed that St. Ann, Trelawny, and St. James are the areas that will receive reduced water supply as a result of this issue.

Business Communities Partner with NWC

The hurricane season in Jamaica has always been devastating. The NWC has urged many business communities to collaborate with them in order to resolve the deficit in the water supply. The NWC has reported that there has been a vast gap between the installed water supply units and the lack of volumes of water it distributes currently. The NWC President said that 53 million gallons of water are produced daily from four plants and other resources. During the dry season, this capacity is reduced to 33 million gallons. This is when the rainfalls are low and it reduces the storage capacity of water.

 At least 50 affected areas

There are at least 50 affected areas that receive low water supply each year during the dry season. The NWC President said that 15-20 million gallons of water are additionally supplied to Kingston, St. Andrew, and St. Catherine, and will be soon provided to other areas as well. The business communities have partnered with NWC to develop a better water supply system that works towards water production as well as water treatment to be able to supply clean water to all the areas on the island.

These are the areas which are affected by the shortage in water supply as a result of the debris. Queen’s Drive, Salt Spring, Unity Hall, Cornwall Courts, Sections of Comfort Hall, Spring Gardens, Lethe, Anchovy, Mt. Zion, Sun Valley Road, Rhyne Park, Tower Hill, Mango Walk, Belmont, Brandon Hill, Leaders Avenue, Rose Heights, Felicity, Spot Valley, Lilliput, Moy Hall, Rectory Drive, Glendevon, Catherine Mount, Chilermas, Ironshore, Lethe, Saigon, Reading Heights, Johnson Town, Albion, First Hill, Coral Gardens, Woodland, Barrett Town, Blenheim, McQuarrie, Old Polly, Kew, Palmyra, Bamboo, Coral Gardens, Cocoon, Spot Valley and Elgin Town.

Subsequently, the NWC is working towards providing a clean and substantial amount of water to all the areas during the dry season as well. For the future, more plants are to be developed to resolve the water problem.


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