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Wah Gwaan?

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Di time kinda heavy yah now, still. Nuff tings a gwaan inna the world weh look like it naah mek sense. Yu ave to know what yu doing.

Stress is a ting weh can sneak up on yu. It nuh really matta if yu tink yu av everyting unda control, caz when dem ting yah pop up enuh, it can all ketch yu off gyard. Don’t tek no show aff. Don’t tek no boosting like a Supligen. Gwaan easy.

Mek mi tell unoo how mi really feel. I feel like seh di people dem need fi know them mental status. It very important. People, mi all a chat inna di same patios weh nuff a unoo doan like, jus fi try and get di message across. You haffi know wah you can manage, and wah you cyaa tek on. People will have good intentions, yes, but a nuh everybody stay so. When yu sacrifice fi somebody, do it straight from yu heart and nuh badda look back fi nutten caz no reward nuh deh inna dat and you might just end up wid a big disappointment.

Wah really inspire da talk yah, is just dat we living in a place an time weh nuff a wi neva see before. Everybody stress, everybody anxious, everybody depress. Some people can hide it good; oda people nuh really stay so strong. Somebody did a mek mi know di other day seh inna Jamaica, wi barely talk bout problem wah wi a av. Man nuh like talk, woman nuh like talk. Di most dem woulda do a probably link dem fren fi get some advice, and more while dat a nuh di smartest ting fi do sometimes. If dem a tell you foolishness, yu must know.

Mi waan yu pree every wrong ting inna da country yah. We can mek a bagga list and plan a bagga plan and talk a bagga talk. Mi coulda write up nuff article like me a journalist til me fool. But we as a people must know wah we want. We finally start do one an two protest, dat good. But inna wi heart, we really haffi a care bout dem supm yah. A your country. A my country. Negative talking nah go help. Tear down and badmind nah go help. Dem supm deh just mash down black people faster than any white man. An if smaddy kill demself now caz a unoo, unoo same one ago mek joke and move on.

Study, all if yu nah go school. Read. Write. Know yu rights. Know your responsibilities. Love yu fren an fambily. Mek peace wid who yu can mek peace wid. Leave di rest to God. Focus pon wah yu waan achieve. If you grow up and neva did a get no good talk and people did a bring yu down until now, know seh yu betta dan dat. Know yu history. We a King and Queen inna earth. Protect, and av protection. A di whole a wi inna dis, and time is di master.

Blessings continually!


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