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Travelling to Jamaica: Airports in Jamaica; Their Pros and Cons and How to Choose

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How to Get to Jamaica

Jamaica is becoming an increasingly popular hub and has started attracting both visitors of leisure and people on business in recent years. The island has various airports located at strategic points so that you can fly to the airport that is closest to where you plan to stay or do business. There are both international and domestic airports in Jamaica to be utilized by both people and cargo using the services rendered by multiple airlines. The domestic airports help people to travel from one part of the island to the other. Apart from these airports, there are nine private and two military airports. Based on the purpose of your visit, you can choose from any one of the airports listed below.

International Airports in Jamaica

There are three international airports located across the island.

Norman Manley International Airport

Kingston is the most active business area on the island and if you are arriving in the city on business, you might want to land here directly. Located in outer Kingston Harbour, the Norman Manley International Airport is the right choice for business people when compared to other airports in Jamaica. It is the second busiest airport on the island and is also worth considering for your travel if you want to go to other places like the Blue Mountains and Port Antonio. More than 130 international flights move in and out of this airport in a week. The airport serves as the primary hub for Caribbean Airlines.

Travelling to Jamaica: Airports in Jamaica; Their Pros and Cons and How to Choose

The highlight of this airport is that it offers ground transportation to all parts of the island. Moreover, the Arrivals Ground Transportation Hall offers various services like taxis, tour operators, and car rentals for visitors to get to their destination. This is the second biggest international airport in Jamaica. For more details about the airport, check out the main website.

Donald Sangster International Airport

Among the three international airports in Jamaica, the Donald Sangster International Airport is the busiest airport. It is located in Montego Bay which is in the heart of the north coast. More than 95% of the passengers who come to this airport are those who travel internationally. This is because Montego Bay is a tourist destination. A majority of people who visit Jamaica for tourism make their entry through this airport. Interestingly, a000 few domestic airlines also fly from this airport. Some major airlines that offer their services here are Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines.

Travelling to Jamaica: Airports in Jamaica; Their Pros and Cons and How to Choose

Around 4,200 passengers move in and out of this airport every hour. The airport features a private jet area with customs and immigration facilities. The Arrivals Halls provides visitors different services like car rentals, hotel shuttles, and taxis. To know more about the airport, check out their website.

Ian Fleming International Airport

This is the latest international airport in the island. The airport is named after Ian Fleming, the author of various James Bond novels. It is situated in the Ocho Rios area and is ideal for passengers who want to fly to the north coast of Jamaica. The airport is worth considering if you plan to stay in any of the well-known resorts or villas on the that side of the island, as they are very close to the airport. It is also suitable for smaller aircraft headed to this part of the island.

Travelling to Jamaica: Airports in Jamaica; Their Pros and Cons and How to Choose

The airport provides private taxi services at reasonable rates for you to reach your destination safely and directly. You can also opt for car rental services when you arrive at the airport. Car rental can be booked in advance as well. For additional details of the airport, you can visit their website.

Domestic Airports in Jamaica

There are two major domestic airports on the island that help you to get across from one part of the country to another. This makes travelling from Kingston to Montego Bay or even Montego Bay to Negril easier and more convenient.

Tinson Pen Aerodrome

This aerodrome is undoubtedly the bigger of the two main domestic airports in Jamaica and is located on Marcus Garvey Drive in Kingston. The airport primarily serves business travellers and offers a commercial link between the cities of Kingston and Montego Bay.

The aerodrome offers small parcel services, taxi services and assistance of porters if needed. Airspeed Jamaica and Wings Jamaica are a couple of the airlines that operate from this aerodrome.

Negril Aerodrome

This is a relatively small airport and mainly caters to people wishing to travel to and from Negril, a beach resort town in the western part of the island. It mainly serves various tourist resorts in the area. The aerodrome operates flight services to Montego Bay.

International Airlink is a major airline that operates from this airport. Two major drawbacks here are that there are no night flight services and fueling facilities.

Apart from the above domestic airports in Jamaica, the island also has the Ken Jones Aerodrome based out of the west of Port Antonio in Northeastern Jamaica. Air Jamaica Express had, in the past, offered passenger service from this airport to tourist resorts in the area. However, in recent years, the aerodrome has not had any scheduled services.


Thanks to the presence of both domestic and international airports, Jamaica is well-connected to the different parts of the island, popular for both business and tourism, and the rest of the world. The airports in Jamaica offer excellent services to make the life of passengers using their services comfortable. They also offer shuttle services to help travellers to reach their destination from the airport. The two major international airports additionally offer both arriving and departing passengers a slew of VIP Meet & Greet services. These include refreshments, free Wi-Fi service, and also free telephone calling facility to any landline in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. The domestic airlines help passengers save time by reaching different parts of the country in just about half an hour, which would otherwise take over two hours if travelling by taxi or other modes of transport.


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