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To All The People With Ambition

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In our society, optimism and ambition are supposed to go hand in hand. The idea that one could be walking the earth with no goals, no aims and no drive seems unfathomable to many of us. How could it be that you see countless opportunities, have various ways and means by which to become successful, yet you are simply uninspired to pursue any particular world-changing feat? That would be considered a waste of life and breathe, a slap in the face of the Creator.

However, we often fail to discuss the overload of such ambitions. People burn out. People do become disenfranchised and disillusioned. We become vexed when things don’t go our way, and angry when we should often take these disappointments with gratitude and joy. You may call me mad, but just the fact that one is able to plan and dream is a luxury that many human beings the world over have gone without due to a myriad of reasons. We have to learn to temper our expectations with the reality of the world around us. This is not to say that your dreams should be of low standard, or that dreamers are hopeless; but rather that we should be mindful of all that can happen and be willing to flow with life should our course of direction change in a frightening or disheartening manner.

On one hand, I may not be one to talk. I am living a life that I am grateful for, but for some reason dreams and aspirations are hard to imagine. I simply don’t have that particular drive. There’s no house on the hill I’d love to build, or some good-looking partner I’d like to cuff, or a dream job with all the money and respect that I’d want to have. I hardly taste, so rich foods and exotic meals are not my priority. Hotels are simply ok. Travelling is amazing for the experience of going to new cultures and seeing life through another’s eyes, but it’s not my favourite addiction.

On the other hand, I get to see your dreams. I get to have room to examine everything that you want to achieve in life, no matter how large or small. I have access to the longings and desires that you make public. I get to help you to achieve, pray for you when you fail, comfort you when you’re sad and celebrate you when you’re happy. This tends not to diminish the quality of my life, but enhances the same due to the fact that when those around me are thriving and successful, the energy also works to my benefit – though I have no specific benefits in mind. I simply trust that when the time is right and all things are in alignment, I will see the good which has been stored up for me.

Please sleep and rest (two different things). Spend time with family and friends (healthy boundaries included). Spoil yourself. Be at peace with your decisions and choices. Keep yourself healthy, and you will continue to inspire ambitionless people like me with all your ambitions. I pray for your success.


Blessings in abundance!


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