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The Worsening Water Problem at the Comprehensive Health Centre

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Jamaica is facing a severe water shortage problem. The problem of drought in many parts of the country seems to be affecting the lives of many people. It is not just the houses and families, but many basic facilities also seem to be affected due to this situation. The Comprehensive Health Centre on Slipe Rd is facing a lot of issues due to the drought. No hospital or clinic can run efficiently without a steady water supply. Doctors and nurses need water for a variety of reasons before and after checking a patient.

Severe Issue of Drought

To keep the clinic germ free and adequately disinfect the hospital premises, a good quantity of water is needed. How can a clinic operate if there is no water supply available? The current issue being faced by the Centre is due to the water supply running dry because of the drought. Last Wednesday, steps were taken to supply water to the hospital via trucks. This water was also used up pretty quickly. Now the hospital is facing an acute shortage of water. Patients are being turned away from the clinic due to this issue.

The Measures Being Taken by the Government

The entire area in which the hospital is situated is facing a severe drought. The increasing problems caused by the drought is very concerning to say the least, and the government is trying to come up with a plan to alleviate the sufferings of the people. The health Centre is currently only filling prescriptions for medication and not seeing or treating any patients. The appointments are being rescheduled for the patients to later dates. Minister of Health and Wellness Dr. Christopher Tufton has stated that the water supply to this area was restored, but since the pressure was very low, there is still a good deal of shortage. The government has come up with a plan to help reduce this problem. The residents have been advised to store water in tanks. Though this cannot totally take away the water problem, it reduces it to a certain extent.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has mentioned that around $100 million will be allocated to supply water though trucks to the regions most affected by the drought. Storing water can help reduce the issue for the time being and affected areas will be able to find some relief.


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