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The Thing About Trying

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If you know me, you know I’m not necessarily the most positive person in the world. There are so many people, businesses and mediums that push this perspective of being happy/positive all the time. I get it, negativity sucks to be around and people can pull you down by draining the very energy from your soul (one of my best skills, actually).

But – have you ever considered how far you’ve come? How many hurdles you’ve jumped over and flew past and swam under and fought through? You’re not a joke – unless you are hugely unware of you own value. I’m not even talking about purpose just yet.

We can talk about slavery, the Holocaust, various wars upon end, one pandemic after another, political explosions and all manner of domestic and social problems. The common denominator is that we achieve. We push through. We continue. We move on – even if not as whole individuals (for hardly any of us goes through life unscathed), but as prepared individuals nonetheless. We grow to learn how to navigate the lives we are blessed with, and the results are generally ours for the making, no matter our circumstances.

Here, then, I come to encourage you. We must keep pushing. Think of any great invention that has saved millions of life, or even helped to make your life a bit easier in your day to day routine. For example, we can look at the very light bulb that helps us to accomplish so many thing at night. If it took 1000 tries to come up with the right “ingredients” for such an invention, how many of us would have still persevered? Worked by candlelight? Ignored family and friends who just couldn’t see the value?

That is the thing with trying. Even if you are unclear about where the road is headed, you must – you have to keep trying. You have to be able to separate your emotions; figure out logically why you care, why you should be bothered, what is important and what is not. You have to be willing to die for this thing that you love so much (within wisdom and reason, of course). That is how history records the names of the people we revere now. So many have tried, so many have failed. But how many kept trying? That is where the strong and the weak are made known.

If you are reading this, I speak strength and purpose into you. Let the works of your hands bloom and bear fruit like a tree planted by still waters; let your soul be restored. May you be led through the paths of love, truth and understanding. May the words of your mouth, and the meditation of your heart be acceptable in the sight of all men and women with whom you live with and serve. No matter how tired you feel, you can push, and have endless resolve to tap into the energy you did not know existed within your own unique biological programming.

Just keep trying.


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