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The Secret Singer : Jamaica’s Hidden Siren

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Writer’s Note: ” For privacy and security reasons the singer will only be known as the Siren but make no mistake this article is about a real person. She is an incredible woman, a dear friend, and a fantastic artist. More incredible yet if you have ever stayed at a hotel on the island she may have enchanted you already. ”


Me: Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

Siren: As a singer, I’d say that I originally started performing when I decided that, at one of my favorite restaurants, to take the mic and sing, word for word, without the lyrics, “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra. That kind of awakened my love to perform for people when a whole restaurant started clapping at a 7-year-old. After that I got encouraged by my parents to sing more, perform more, and it took off from there, a performance almost every weekend.

Me: What’s your current age?

Siren: I am currently 15, 16 sooner than I’d like.

Me: Are you in High School or College? 

Siren: I am currently in high school, but I will be going to college soon.

Me: So, are you like Hannah Montana, having the best of both worlds? 

Siren: I wish I could say that! Sometimes it’s difficult, with the weekday performances, having to change immediately after extra classes, running to the car in heels as people watch me dash by! A normal week for me would be that it’s calm from Monday to Wednesday morning, that’s exactly when the chaos starts! On Wednesday, I’d meet with the band I’d be playing with which means driving for at least thirty minutes or to the other side of the island. Most times I have performances on a Saturday night, or a Sunday afternoon which sometimes can leave my voice dry and raspy but looking at the rushing around and the joy I feel after a performance, it’s something I enjoy and for me: it’s worth it.

Me: What are some places you have performed?

Siren: For privacy reasons, I cannot say names, I can only say restaurants and hotels around my living areas.

Me: What was your first paying gig?

Siren: My first paying gig was at a hotel on the north coast of Jamaica, playing with a traditional band, singing folk songs. It was very exciting, and I remember that experience very vividly.

Me: What’s it like performing on stage?

Siren: Sometimes it’s nerve-wracking, in front of a new audience, when you can’t see because of the lighting, or can’t identify a familiar face, but other times, its calming, energizing and fun all at the same time. It’s an experience I can’t truly describe.

Me: What’s your vocal range?

Siren :I’d like to say soprano, as I do have quite a wide range, but some notes are just too far out of reach. So I’d say Alto, as I can reach some low notes and some high notes as well.

Me: Favorite song?

Siren: “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra for performing, but currently “Strawberry Blond” by Mitski.

Me: What was your best crowd?

Siren: My best crowd I’d have to say was my first, hearing all the cheering and “wow she’s ONLY seven?” It was exhilarating.

Me: What was your worst crowd?

Siren: Oh wow. I’d say my worst crowd was a performance in 2017, where I sang out my heart and soul, and I didn’t get any applause, not even between songs. I felt discouraged, but I kept singing, putting that crowd behind me.

Me: Have you ever met any celebrities?

Siren: Quite a few that I didn’t recognize at first! Celine Dion, Nicki Minaj are two that I’ve seen more than once, but a rarity I’d say was Daveed Diggs. I couldn’t form a full sentence!

Me: Do you have any horror stories to share?

Siren: No. So far, so good!

Me: Has your career taken you any interesting places?

Siren: Not really, just small areas of the island that I didn’t know.

Me: Why do you still sing?

Siren: For the love of it! I don’t think I’d still be singing if I didn’t love it.

Me: What is the biggest way Covid-19 has affected your life?

Siren: I’d say the biggest way it has affected me is that I can’t move that freely anymore, and oddly, I do miss school. I miss performing for big crowd, but I do street singing to help with my volume (I just find a busy corner on the road and sing my heart out!)

Me: Do you plan on singing professionally for the rest of your life?

Siren: Well yes and no, I’d like to major in playing the violin, but I will carry singing with me.

Me: To anybody who may be considering starting a singing career what would you like to tell them?

Siren: Go for it! If you love singing and have a passion for the stage, I wouldn’t stop that at all.


Fun Questions 

Me: What is one thing you’d never wear on stage?

Siren: I’d never wear something with a deep cleavage, it’s not comfortable or appealing.

Me: What do you do for fun?

Siren: I like to draw, play the violin, write stories and grow plants. Things that are simple and occupy my time away from the stage.

Me: What is one song you’d hate to sing?

Siren: I don’t have one I particularly dislike, if I know the song, I don’t have a problem singing it.

Me: Who would be your dream duet partner?

Siren: Leslie Odom Jr. I love his voice and his songs, that would be a dream come true.

Me: Where would you like to perform one day?

Siren: In the Broadway theatre. I love acting as well, so doing a musical wouldn’t be a problem for me.

Me: Twitter or Snap chat?

Siren: I don’t use any, as much as “the public” says I should.

Me: Puppies or kittens?

Siren: I love all animals! I don’t have a preference.

Me: What is your favorite color?

Siren: Very deep green, emerald almost.

Me: How would you describe your style on and off stage?

Siren: My style on stage tends to be very formal, dresses only, but off stage I’m in very loose clothing, like big t-shirts and jeans or sweatpants.

Me: Since your name will not be disclosed can you please give the public your general description?

Siren: Well, I’m 5 feet 9 inches, hazel eyes, brown hair and my stature would be considered that of a professional tennis player, or so I’ve been told.

Me: What kind of future do you dream of?

Siren: For myself? I’d say a future that I can enjoy. For others? An equal future in which there is no discrimination for race, sexuality, gender or career. Not world peace since that seems unattainable at this point, but a judge free world.


Picture By: Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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