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The Reason Why Your Distractions Don’t Work Anymore

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Usually, you’d be able to do your favourite activity and forget. You’d spend time with a loved one, go to the movies, eat at nice restaurants, plan your next money moves, play video games and even travel the world. Indeed, there is no harm in the virtue of simply doing any of these things. It’s just that there was a time these things were enough to make you feel better. Or, at least that’s what you remember.

Growing up never ends, and you may be coming to the realization that there are some people and things you will grow to leave behind. I need you to know that this is ok.

Our lives are very connected, even though it’s possible that mi nuh know you and yuh nuh know me. Our actions cause chain reactions that we could never truly begin to understand. We think of history as an old set of recollections that have no impact on us whatsoever, when it is these prior understandings of life that have brought us to our point of development as a society and as individuals today.

You want to create, or open a new business, or be the first in your family line to get a degree. No matter what your desires are, there will be stumbling blocks in the way. There must be, for if we were to get these things and achieve these dreams without the difficulties, it simply would not matter. We appreciate the things we receive, yes. However, I can promise that we place a lot more value on the things that we worked for and attained through our own blood, sweat and tears.

This is where distractions come in. Why on earth should you be the one to succeed? Why are you so important? What makes your dreams that much better than mine? If you can find answers to these questions, you start to see unbalanced emotion and thought in combination. We often talk about “badmind” and how the “devil a work”, but these things really have less of an effect on you when you don’t leave yourself open to them. We get angry because people are trying to stop our success, but don’t see that if we’re meant to be successful then all these adverse forces can only be there to help us towards this end if we’re wise about it.

Distractions are what you would use to stop yourself from having to process the confusion of your journey, or having to deal with disappointing people. But which wounds and hurts are you also ignoring? Which emotional trigger do you have left to master? If I am able to use your own emotions against you, I can destroy you completely. Trust that if I have no good intentions towards you, I will do so gladly.

Your distractions cover the weaknesses that must be addressed if you plan to live fruitfully and enjoy the success of your labour. Work on fixing all the leaks in your ship; seal all the holes in your tires; address all the chinks in your armour. Be vulnerable, and let the healing work be done.

Blessings in abundance!


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