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The Pablonia Awards (Voting Starts Today!)

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“Last year, we were keeping shows at UTECH, and I wanted to do something more. I’m a creative (I take pictures and produce sometimes) and I know how it feels to not get any recognition or anything like that. So, I started off with the shows just so that the other creatives around me would get a platform to showcase their talents. After the shows, it just hit me that if we can do shows that bring recognition, then we might as well do an awards show.

It will take a while before we grow to reaching mainstream. I look abroad and see a lot of things in place for artists who aren’t mainstream yet, but in Jamaica you’re either mainstream or nuhbadi nuh care. So, having these ventures through Pablonia is just to say ‘thank you’ for not giving up and showing the artists how their fanbase is growing. For last year’s (debut) awards, we had 530 people who took part in the voting process.

Our message from the team at Pablonia Entertainment is just: don’t give up. Never, ever give up. You might not see it inna the mainstream but there are people out there who love it, see wah you a do and you a inspire them so much. This is to say thank you for inspiring people.” – Roderick Boulin of Pablonia Entertainment



Pablonia Entertainment aims to create a space for people who are not yet mainstream to become recognized in their fields of creativity. This can be seen through the content hosted on their social media platforms, and in collaborations with various creatives that give birth to song releases or music video productions, to name a few. The team at Pablonia Ent. also places a special focus on local content that does not necessarily fall within the category of reggae and dancehall, as many of our artists have created sounds in genres and fusions that are making strides on online platforms and have the potential to do just as well. With more diversity in our offerings, we can see an expansion of content and an improvement in quality, thereby garnering more overall support.



There are fifteen different award categories, including “Photographer/Videographer of the Year”, “DJ of the Year”, “Content Creator of the Year”, “Best Alternative (NOT Reggae or Dancehall) Song” and “Best Male/Female Record of the Year”. Nominated personnel include creatives such as TatyanaRahale, AceChats, Vartex Studio, Matt Dewar, Minori and Mila.Akilah. There are also suggestion slots for nominations such as your favourite Jamaican meme page(s), and a recommendation section where you can submit artists or creative works for consideration. Once you click on the link and sign in (to ensure voter integrity), you get to navigate a form that is user-friendly and concise. The process doesn’t take long, and you can be sure that your vote will count in the overall tally. This is a perfect way to support your local creative community.


Click on the link below to cast your votes (voting opens from today until December 21!), and be sure to keep up with Pablonia Entertainment at:

Voting Link





Blessings in abundance!



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