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The internet is crazy

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The world is weird. The internet is crazy.

Earlier this month, I joined Twitter as I thought it would be all fun and jokes. Whew chile, was I wrong. This morning I had to delete the app from my phones as the negativity and level of toxicity are beyond what I can manage. 

Not to say that this app isn’t insightful but people are so full of opinions and everybody thinks they are right; there are people with opinions fighting others with opinions. Nobody has the right to do anything they want, as far as I can see, if you do, people hate. If you don’t people hate. Either case it’s not a win for any party. 

Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. It was created with the hopes that people could share posts and interact with others through messages; just like any other social media platform, the creators intended it to be a floor in which persons worldwide could connect with others and share their opinions. 

Boy, did Twitter deliver on their promises, over-deliver if I may say.

Growing up, I’d always hear of people committing suicide, over-drinking, doing drugs, etc especially celebrities and I’d always wonder why. 22 years later, Twitter was able to answer my question. 

Celebrities are expected to build and maintain a presence on social media because it helps to build publicity and keep them relevant, which is good for business. With that being said, celebrities oftentimes show personal moments with family and friends or share their opinions on the events of the world. 

Under these posts the hate is real. From the Kardashian- Jenner family in the United States to Mackerel in Jamaica, the trolls have decided to come out and fully represent for hate and negativity. The public comments under these posts will have you wondering if your freewill to share your preferences and passions should be revoked.

Rich and famous or not, people are human beings fueled by emotions and a need to share whatever they are thinking. Not realizing the impact their words have on the other person. 

It seems to be okay to say whatever you want because you are entitled to your opinion and it seems to be okay to bully others because you are doing it behind a screen. It just shows exactly the type of person you are and in this situation, it’s not a good look.

Many people feel a burning desire to leave high school because they want to escape the bullying not realizing that what they are running from is right on their doorstep. The evolution of technology and the growing acceptance for people to use their voice have created a resemblance of change but it is also hurting individuals and families. 

No one is safe from these bullies, the common perception similar to the famous quote, eat or be eaten. But in this scenario, it’s bully or be bullied and who wants to be bullied? Actors, Investors, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, content creators, artists, promoters, employees are all subject to harassment daily from people on the internet. 

I wonder why. How does it feel to hate someone so much or hate what they stand for or what they wear, you feel the need to take time out of your day to think, type and post something that belittles this person? 

Now we understand why our parents didn’t want us to have social media accounts until we were of a certain age. 

The internet is wild. The internet is crazy and the internet is weird. I’m not going to write “stop cyberbullying or stop wasting time attacking people you don’t like” because I am fully aware that these words mean nothing and will solve nothing. What I will say is nobody is entitled to you; no one needs to have the same opinions, values, and stance as you. If you can post what you want and not care, understand that others can do the same. 



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