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The Increasing Problem of Online Scammers for NCB Customers

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Online scamming and phishing is an ever-present threat to everyone. Anyone with an email id is at the risk of being targeted. It is very important to take the necessary precautions while dealing with sensitive information. The statistics on the number of people who have actually lost money through scams is appalling. Despite a lot of warnings, there is still an increase in the number of these attacks. The recent attacks on the National Commercial Bank (NCB) clients seem to be proof of this. The bank has recently announced a major system upgrade.

System upgrades usually involve some downtime where the customers may not be able to transact via the net banking systems. The bank notifies the customers in advance of the date and time of these upgrades. The list of features or facilities which may be temporarily affected will also be conveyed to the clients. What seems to have transpired is that scammers have made use of this information and have come up with a cunning plan to scam the customers.

The Scam Plan

The scammers have sent emails to quite a number of customers convincing them that they will need to re-enter their details to help with the upgrade process. The unsuspecting customers then click on the link provided and end up entering all their bank details. They play right into the hands of the scammers. With all the necessary information available, it is very easy for the scammers to take hold of the cash in the account. This may seem like a very simple plan, but in fact, it has been very effective so far. A lot of people seem to have fallen prey to this technique.

How to Avoid Being Scammed?

The main thing about these emails is that the sender address will be similar to the official address of the bank. The page layout will also have a design which will be almost identical to the original bank’s pages. The customers will need to be careful while clicking on these links. Verifying whether the links are the official communication address usually used by the bank is very important. Using a good spam protection software can also help filter out most of these spam emails. It is never a good idea to enter sensitive details through these emails. It is always advised that such information be confirmed in person if at all possible.


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