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“The Equilibrium of the Black Race

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The fight for our existence began long before we were born and today we fight for acceptance, to be accepted for our pigmentation. FOR BEING BLACK. What will our children’s children generation have to fight for? Life is a cycle in which we all have to play a part. However it’s our contributions which determine the alteration. Too often we sit and play mute, recently I was watching a movie by the name Equilibrium. Some may have seen it before but if you haven’t it’s a movie in which all your emotions are taken away with a single dosage of drugs daily. If you were suspected of having any form of emotional connection with anything or anyone you would be put to death. A society in which you couldn’t be free, a society that dictates your way of living, a society that dictates who you should be. Today’s world is no different when a black man is looked down on over the melanin he was blessed with and sadly he’s even killed for it.

In the movie it took one man to make the difference. How much of us are willing to be the difference? To be the change? Too often we sit and complain amongst ourselves, what about finding the solutions? How much of us are willing to die for what we believe in? How can we permanently put a stop to racism and classism? Why should our goals fall victim to this? Why should the pigmentation of our skin decide if we die today or get a chance to go home to our families? How much more of our brothers and sisters have to die for this to stop? When will the system be taken to trial? Let’s fight for a better future,  lets fight for generations to come, let’s fight for our race. ✊🏿


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