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The EPL, FC Corona and Liverpool FC

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The ever-ageing fan base of Liverpool FC have long held their breath for 30 years and are still doing so in hopes for another EPL title. I for one do not want it to happen, and no it is not a case of ‘badmind’. The fact is that most Liverpool fans for the last 30 years were hopelessly delusional and I honestly just want to observe whether the delusion will compel  Liverpool fans to continue to hold their breath should ‘they’ not win the EPL this season.

For the most of the season Liverpool fans were in complete rapture with their team’s performance, “who is like unto this great Liverpool” was the common sentiment among the fans. It got even worse in January when they had that substantive lead in the table.

A few months back, I prophesied, declared and decreed to a colleague that Liverpool shalt not and would not win the EPL title. He, with a devilish grin asked, “well, who is there to beat us?”. Then out of nowhere, the one player team called FC Corona literally answered this question.

Now with the league in suspension Liverpool fans are eating their fingernails as FC Corona with star player Covid 19 is threatening their ‘dream’. I would believe it to be a very unpleasant taste for Liverpool fans to come ooh so close, actually leading in the tables and still can’t touch it.

What I believe should have been done, is that once this massive outbreak had occurred and with that tremendous death toll in the UK, the season should have been called off.

Reports in the media, have stated that a few players have contracted the Covid 19 virus, why would any sane person want to jeopardise the health of their players with pre-season literally around the corner. Why? To hand Liverpool another title. Liverpool FC and their fans have held their breath for 30 years, they possibly hold their breath a bit longer, a few months will not kill them.

The rationale for the restart must be quite serious and sensible as resuming the league after months of no games being played, only to end in July/August and start the 2020/21 season in September is an interesting decision.

The time should be used by the clubs to make adequate preparation for the players in pre-season training and the 2020/21 season. The time should also be taken to reconfigure the stadiums to meet the physical distancing requirements, so the fans, who are integral to the spectacle of football can once again be a part of the great spectacle of live football. Let us face the fact that if television is the only way to be apart of matches, football not long after will soon be dead. Thus, the necessary preparations for the re-entry of fans in to stadiums must be done to ensure the game’s survival.

The questions being asked is that if the league is not resumed “who gets to play in the EUFA Champions league?” “which teams will be relegated and promoted?”. But a simple solution exists. The same teams from last season could be used to compete in the Champions league. In terms of relegation and promotions, simple again, the table is frozen till next year, no one is relegated no one is promoted. These are not hard decisions to think of or even to implement.

Let the 2019-2020 season therefore be over and done with, declared null and void and let the Liverpool fans continue their waiting, they don’t seem to be too quite tired of waiting, albeit, it may be in vain.


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