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The Creative Entrepreneur: Toni-Ann Davy

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“An illustration is a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept or process, designed for integration in published media, such as posters, flyers, magazines, books, teaching materials, animations, video games and films. An illustration is typically created by an illustrator. Illustration also means providing an example; either in writing or in picture form. The origin of the word “illustration” is late Middle English (in the sense ‘illumination; spiritual or intellectual enlightenment’): via Old French from Latin “illustratio(n-)”, from the verb “illustrare” Wikipedia



“As a multidisciplinary designer, Toni has her hands in all the cookie jars. When she’s not thinking about her next meal or planning her next adventure, Toni is designing 3D environments and digital/print material for major brands to help them connect with their tribe. With a background in Psychology and Visual Communications, she has developed a talent for bringing fresh perspective to brands without losing original intent.”Toni-Ann’s portfolio website



How did you become an illustrator?

“I’ve been drawing/doodling on anything I could get my hands on since I was young, but became fascinated with illustration when I was exploring the world of design 3 years ago. I was challenged to create compelling visual representations that enhanced my clients’ messages, and it felt a lot like solving puzzles (which I love).  I was hooked ever since.”

Can you talk about your role as co-owner and art director of Alt Multimedia?

“We started Alt with a movement in mind – change perspective. As most people know, the “alt” key is a universal modifier. We challenge ourselves to think and do things differently, and we challenge our clients to do the same. As an art director, it’s my job to guide the vision of each project. This not only includes creating a strategy surrounding the creative brief but also encouraging exploration so the team is able to push boundaries and feel free to do the best they can.”



How important is it to have graphics/ visuals when doing an artistic project?

“No one has an infinite visual library in their head, so reference images make the process of communicating mutual expectations for any project a lot easier. Of course, this doesn’t mean copying someone else’s work and claiming it as your own.”



Can you talk about the benefits of being self-taught in contrast to studying in school as it relates to illustration?

“I’d say a big benefit of being self-taught is that you get to discover at your own pace and in your own way (guided tours can be such a drag). It’s also a lot easier to focus on techniques and styles that actually interest you. It can be intimidating because there’s so much out there to explore, and you might not know where to start, but whether you are self-taught or studied formally I believe we’re always learning and I find that exciting.”



Where do you see Jamaica (artistically) in the next five years?

“I see Jamaica’s creative industry becoming a fast-growing sector, steadily producing thriving artists who collectively contribute significantly to the economy. I’ve already noticed that shift, so I’m hopeful.”


Illustration of Lila Iké


Please feel free to contact Toni-Ann at:

Toni-Ann’s Website (Her Portfolio)

Toni-Ann’s Website (Her Art)

Email: [email protected]



Blessings in abundance!


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