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The Creative Entrepreneur: Starlord Musiq

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Can you describe your creative journey for us?

“I started music when I was 17-18 years old, but my interest wasn’t always in music. I didn’t take it serious at all, but I knew loved it and I knew I was good at making it. When I started taking music more serious, I was going to the studio everyday – not just to record but to learn as well. At that time, I was making songs that my family and friends loved so that motivated me to continue. About 2-3 months after I dropped my first song I got in contact with a UK producer name Zed Bias. He was so happy to work with me because he loved my songs, so we started working on projects. We have a song called “Alone”, another one called “High” and one called “Stars Align” featuring Amber Prothero and Abstrakt Sonance (“Stars Align” will be released in December 2020).

I am a good video creator, as well.  I can make video stories and I can also film and edit. Honestly I could be a film director and editor; I have edited over 10 official music videos including my videos, lyric videos and short films. Most of these are unreleased.”



How did your interest in football develop?

“When I was in high school, I was on the football team. I trained every day at school and when I was home. I think it’s because I grew up around a lot of footballers. I wanted to be Jamaica’s greatest footballer growing up. When I was 16, I started training for Arnett Gardens’ Under-17 team. It was so hard to reach training in the morning because of the distance because of where I live. I had to wake up at 4 am, sometimes 5 am on Saturdays and Sundays to start training at 7 am. I couldn’t keep doing it, so I stopped. After, I went to Phoenix Academy in Constant Spring. I started training after school every day, but none of the trainers gave me a chance to show them I was a great baller. I ended up stopping because I think it was more a friend thing, and that’s when I started to take music serious.”



Are there any other projects that you are involved in besides music and sports?

“I am working on launching my clothing line on the 1st of January, 2021. My clothing brand is something I really want to accomplish.  The reason why it’s not out as yet is because of the pandemic.”


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

“In 5 years, I will be 24 years old. I see myself being a well-known artiste / entrepreneur. Internationally, because of my good music I got a lot of fans in the U.K., Nigeria, Canada, and in the States so I think that base will grow more during the years. Everyone will know Starlord Musiq.”



How do you center yourself?

“Actually it’s so hard for me because I am a person that overthinks a lot. I just focus on one thing at a time; no negativity, just pure positive vibes and just keep things as simple as I can.”


Feel free to contact Starlord Musiq at:







Blessings in abundance!


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