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The Creative Entrepreneur: Ojay On The Beat

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How does your work as a producer heal you?

“Well, everyone has their time and space when they want to be alone and be around others. For me, my healing methods are being around natural elements such as outdoors and listening to nature taking its course such as the birds and the wind. My inspiration comes from my healing sessions. It brings great ideas and relaxation to the mind. I tend to carry out my guitar under the tree and practice my scales and meditate – then all ideas start to flow in a flash.”


What is your view on the current state of music production in Jamaica?

“I believe in evolution in music but where Jamaica is right now, it’s just that Jamaican music has lost its sound and we are trying to find our sound. Everything seems like confusion. Yes we have reggae and dancehall but dancehall is losing its sound of origin and placement in the industry.”


Are there any notable artists/producers/projects that you have worked with?

“I have worked on projects with Mr.Vegas, Chino McGregor, Lisa Hyper, Quada, Markus Records, King Breezy, Buju Banton, I-Octane, Maestro Don, Savage Savo, Gold Gad, TakeOva, Tommy Lee Sparta, Bascom X, Bijean Gayle, Blak Yaad Productions, Shaniel Muir, DreKing, Shabdon Records, Daneray, Teflon Zincfence, Popcaan and Louis V Music.”


In your opinion, can the government do more to invest in the creative sector?

“For the government to do a lot more for the music industry, I think if it doesn’t benefit them they’re not interested.”


Can you tell us about your journey from the beginning of your career?

“Josimar Ellis, more popularly known as “Ojay On The Beat”, was  born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica and grew up in the community of Waterford, Portmore, St. Catherine. My love of music started at the age of 20 when I mastered the guitar and pursued my career after finishing the Portmore Community College. My creativity on the guitar and a broader appreciation of live music has led me to be a unique and vibrant producer and composer of various genres of music, most notably reggae and dancehall. I started traveling to countries such as Spain and Belgium where I got the opportunity of touring with a very famous reggae icon named Purple D’Lyte. My body of work includes compositions and productions with international and local artistes such as I-Octane, Tommy Lee Sparta, Taurus Ink, TeflonZincFence, Buju Banton and many more on labels such 3 Kings Music, Meltin Muzik, Slaybad Musiq, etc.


My versatility and ear for melodic sounds is also shown in the composition of commercial advertisements for “NiteLyfe”, which was a very famous television series back in 2013 on TVJ owned by Orville Matherson, CEO of Yaad Boiiz Film Productions & YB Records that produced the very famous “Jamaican Mafia” movie in 2015.

I am a music producer from Jamaica here to share some of my awesome creations and to make new friends, get sales and to hear other producers work. I’m skilled in the guitar, piano, bass, and congo drums. I believe that the music is inside and we should all have a way of expressing ourselves through the instruments.”


Feel free to contact Ojay at:






Blessings in abundance!


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