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The Creative Entrepreneur: Cesar Buelto

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Can you tell us what your overall journey as a professional photographer and cinematographer has been like?

My journey started in 2017 purely by chance. Over time my love for the art form grew and I immersed myself in understanding everything I could about the different genres and techniques. I taught myself through YouTube and learned from the different people I was fortunate to interact with as I progressed. My first cinematography project was a wedding video I did in December of 2018. I was told it was not very good but then I decided to apply myself to learning more and now I’m where I am as a cinematographer primarily through practice and what I feel is a genuine love for storytelling. I’d like to think I’m a student first in all things. I continue to learn more and reevaluate my techniques and approach to both mediums.

The NoMaddz


What’s the story behind the birth of your company, “Alt Multimedia“?

I started Alt with my significant other in 2019 because we wanted to create a company that we believed would serve as an example in the local creative/marketing space. It serves as a collaborative space where we can actively explore different approaches to branding, design, photography and cinematography with a primary focus on brands we enjoy. Our mantra is “change perspective” which is something we actively apply to our lives as artists and individuals.


Where do you see Jamaican film efforts in the next ten years?

My opinion on Jamaican film is one that I think may be uninformed for the most part because I consider myself new to the local film making industry. However, I observe there has been an overall shift in our creative landscape with more people welcoming the option of working in film and production as opposed to traditional careers. In the next 10 years I hope to see the growth of our film industry and also our creative economy. More films for Jamaicans created by Jamaicans.


Popcaan at Unruly Fest


How does your camera heal you?

My camera continues to be a tool of self-exploration for me. I hope to tell more stories in the form of stills or through short films. I know now that it’s one medium of expression and that the ultimate expression of self is giving your best effort to whatever you believe in. I think there is a lot of exploration left for me as a photographer and filmmaker.


Who can you credit for your inspiration?

I’m inspired by many things. Most of my inspiration comes from other creatives and from people kind enough to listen to my ideas. My creative friends who are songwriters, photographers, filmmakers and visual artists all inspire me through their work as well as their continued support and kindness. I think if we pay enough attention to those around us we can find great inspiration to inform our creative process. Often we make the process of creating complex, so recently I’ve been stripping back my approach to ideating and keeping it simple.

Ms. World – Toni-Ann Singh

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Blessings in abundance!



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