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Taraji P. Henson is Proud Mary

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Proud Mary stars Taraji P. Henson as Mary who is a Boston hitwoman for the Spencer organized crime family. She is assigned to murder Marcus Miller which she did however what she was unaware of was he had a son and his son Danny was in his room playing games when this happened. Mary saw Danny but he did not see her, she quietly left the room afterward.

One year later, the story shows Danny one-year older running ‘errands’ he is about twelve or thirteen years old. Though he is voluntarily involving himself in wrongdoing, it is obvious that he is doing what he needs to do to survive just by the look in his eyes. On his first route in the movie, he enters the property of Jerome; they have previously agreed to a sum of $2500 however Jerome shorted him by $500, this was explained ‘nicely’ by Danny however Jerome thought he could take advantage of this young man but Danny was not having it. His patience wore thin and he pulled a gun on Jerome which shocked Jerome as he told him to look in a refrigerator, he would see $1000 he could take the $500 from.

Danny took the full $1000 and ran off, bought him sell some food, chilled a little bit then proceeded to a man named ‘Uncle’ to pay him in full and explain the difficulties he encountered but his reward was physical abuse. Danny leaves and decides to rest on a bench with his belongings but not soon after he was robbed. He chased the guy down an alley screaming, ‘Hey, Hey” but the thief was unresponsive, he fired gunshots in the air, so the robber dropped his bag and took off. Danny goes to collect his bag but faints in the alley.

The scene closes when a silver Maserati drives in the Alley and Mary steps out and looks over Danny.

Danny wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings and saw Mary making breakfast in her kitchen, she offered him food and spoke to him about the reality but did not mention who exactly she was. She offered him a shower soon after and saw his scars on his back, she asked who did it but he didn’t state exactly who did but she went with her gut, left the house in a temper, and went straight to Uncle to confront him. She is forced to kill Uncle and his men after that confrontation and speeds away to her associates Tom Walter and Benny Spencer. They meet with Uncle’s nephew to assure him that they did not kill Uncle because they were not looking for a mob war and Mary seals the deal when she casts suspicion over to Walter maybe the one to blame; she was tasked to eliminate Walter.

Meanwhile back at Mary’s home, Danny finds Mary’s gun collection and he later told her his life story not knowing that she was the woman that killed his father while he was in the home and is to blame for his life now.


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