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Taking Chances to Have Choices

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Three letters from one word that, on our worst days, could send us spiralling into an existential crisis.

Why am I doing this?

Why can’t I?

Why won’t they…?


It’s the question we think to ask when we feel like everything is out of our control. The question I’ve asked myself when expectations produced rejections and hope simply just remained that. Asking why was me taking an IOU against time saying: ‘I don’t understand and I don’t know when I will so please don’t rush me’.  It was the devil on my shoulder the day I decided to apply for a job for the first time and I realized I have no experience in anything: except in surviving in high school.

” Feel free to put your hand up if you can relate.”

Let’s see 1,2,3,4…….

Whew, I’m not alone. I worried for a second that it was just a ‘me’ problem, okay let’s continue.

No one needs to tell you life is challenging, the marks of that active warfare can be seen all around you. It marks the faces of the old and it lights the fires of ambition behind the eyes of the young. Life is supposed to be what you make of it, so what do you do if you have nothing to start off with? Well, just staring at the waters of life’s proverbial swimming pool won’t make them any warmer: you gotta jump right in.


Because life doesn’t owe you anything: you’ve got to earn it. Which means, applying for that job. So, you close your eyes, hold your breath, shove your- in my case skeletally thin- CV into your potential employer’s face, wait…..


“It’s safe, you can open your eyes now.”

(shakes head fervently)

“Really! you don’t trust me, I’m hurt.”

(cracks open one eye slowly and-)


Right in the schnozz comes your first rejection!

*Release the confetti!!!!!*

Now we got that out of the way, time to do it all over again: Whoopee! Send your CV out en masse, storm the corporate world, hold it hostage, don’t take no for an answer……. but when you get rejected don’t forget to send them a pleasant email thanking them for their consideration! It was never about the first job, the second, third, fourth or fifth; it was about giving yourself options.


Why must I…?

“Fortune favours the bold” if you never took the chance, what choices would you potentially have? Granted, if you are a size five there might be a glass slipper and a prince waiting out there for you but,….. why leave your future up to that one chance when you could create several? If you were worrying that the process might get monotonous, trust me, the variations in the way you can get rejected will keep you entertained.

  1. We have had so many applicants but…
  2. We regret that at this time…….
  3. We’re sorry but…

and my personal favourite ‘not available in your geographical region’.

Yet, there will come a day, when the rain will begin to pour. Life, beginning to happen in the moments we never planned for or expected and all too soon we find ourselves made. It may happen that in the corner of your eye that you see something. You are busy thinking of your classes or some other obligations, maybe nursing that third cup of coffee. You will walk past it, and then slowly walk backwards turning your head to face it in disbelief.

*Congratulations you’ve been…*

There’s your first option.

“Why now?”

“Why me?”

“Why would they?”

Enough with these questions. Go do your happy dance! Then after considering all your magnificent options ‘pen’ your courteous, mature response to their offer. It’s your choice.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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