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One of the perks of being in a position that no one would love to be in is that you get to see all the pros and cons of that situation from a different point of view. In this case, it would be the matter of slowing down just enough to enjoy your life while being reasonably productive. This is very hard for some of us.

I want you to look at yourself. All your flaws, all your hopes and dreams, all of your aspirations. These are unique and special characteristics in their various combinations, and all serve to make you who you are and who you are trying to be.

I need you to realize that stress (the good kind) is useful and functional in that it gets us to move about and build, while seeking better for our development. It makes us care about the things that we hold dear, and in this way we get to leave legacies with those who will remain when we depart from this world. When stress gets bad – that’s when it becomes dangerous.

One prime example is this very year 2020. So many of us have abandoned all hope of this year having any good news, or any nice news for that matter. We’re holding on day by day, just willing in our hearts that 2021 will be good to us. There have been job losses, a surge in abuse cases, severe economic damage, delays/postponements of important plans, and the dance happening between various governments is nothing much to write home about. You must take your time.

Someone like me has difficulty planning and hoping because, to be honest, there’s not much inspiration to do all of that work. It’s great to hear you discuss everything you want to achieve. It’s commendable, and you’ll have my full support and prayers. However, when your plans do get interrupted and you’re in a bad place, I may be the worst person to comfort you. After all, they’re just plans. The world isn’t ending yet.

Do I want more out of life? Sure. Do I want to make my parents proud? Yeah, I guess. You see, all these things are possible and positive and propelling, but one must be able to adapt and make changes to the direction they are moving in. When I hold less tightly to my desires, I am able to pick and choose other opportunities I may not have been considering in the first place. I am able to re-imagine myself in a new light, and with that kind of mentality you can even end up in a much better place than you imagined, being much more productive and efficient. It’s all about how you see success.

Take your time. We have many days, weeks, months and years to travel together in this life. I believe that all things work together for good if you love the Lord, and so I basically leave much of my uncertainties to Him. If you’re not into God, that’s fine too. Just remember that humans can only control so much and no more, and if you’re not alert, patient and calm enough to see an open door then you’ll think that life just keep bringing you to dead ends. It’s really not as bad as you think, once you can adjust.

Take your time.


Blessings in abundance!


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