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Take a Break, Rejuvenate!

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As ideas flow and become concrete, decisions being made and tasks being stamped “DONE!”, it is a must that we learn to relieve our bodies and minds of the constant stressors of the day. Taking a few minutes break is vital to work life. Whether it is a typical nine-to-five or a self-employed situation, it is crucial to plan time to rest and regroup ourselves.

Benefits of Breaks

In some organizations, managers seem to frown on the practice. Frankly, it is in their and our best interest that we learn how to take breaks. The simple period of rest can be incredibly useful in solving problems. At times, it is through giving the situation a break that we can return with a fresh perspective in order to gain a solution. Breaks can also greatly assist productivity. The constant motions will eventually start slowing down, and no amount of coffee can help. There is a need to allow our bodies and minds a few minutes to breathe deeply and be well.

For an individual that works at the computer all day, it is crucial to take a few minutes to move and stretch, and give the eyes a break. Countless times, we hear of illnesses that occur due to the work environment. A lot of office workers complain of poor eyesight, back pain and many other stress related conditions. And no, lunch hours are not sufficient for the whole work day. They are greatly needed and are very useful, but in no way should they seem to be an adequate break period for the entire work day.

Work Wisely

For those that choose their own work hours to complete tasks, it is also beneficial to schedule breaks. There tends to be a habit of overworking and overextending ourselves to the point of ill health when we work independently. The flow of the day can be so great that we forget to even take a lunch break. It could also have been such a busy day of trying to get everything on track. Stop! Take a break. As human beings, we aim to be super human, but there is only so much that our bodies can take before there is a system overload.

Productive Breaks

In viewing the significance of breaks, it should never be taken advantage of. These periods should be used to reinvigorate and not idle our hours. As that will only result in poor productivity. Breaks should be used wisely and when needed, as it is greatly beneficial to the mind and body.

So, do you take a break? Is this a foreign language? Breaks can be used in many different ways, whether to listen to a great song, to read words of inspiration, to talk and laugh with co-workers, or simply to meditate and center yourself. Take a break, you need it.



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