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Swimming with Alex

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“Swimming is the self-propulsion of a person through water, usually for recreation, sport, exercise, or survival. Locomotion is achieved through coordinated movement of the limbs, the body, or both. Humans can hold their breath underwater and undertake rudimentary locomotive swimming within weeks of birth, as a survival response.  Swimming is consistently among the top public recreational activities, and in some countries, swimming lessons are a compulsory part of the educational curriculum.

Swimming is primarily a cardiovascular/aerobic exercise due to the long exercise time, requiring a constant oxygen supply to the muscles, except for short sprints where the muscles work anaerobically. Furthermore, swimming can help tone and strengthen muscles. Swimming allows sufferers of arthritis to exercise affected joints without worsening their symptoms. As with most aerobic exercise, swimming reduces the harmful effects of stress. Swimming is also effective in improving health for people with cardiovascular problems and chronic illnesses. It is proven to positively impact the mental health of pregnant women and mothers. Swimming can even improve mood.”Wikipedia

How did you grow to love the art of swimming?

“I always loved the water. I’ve heard my mother tell stories of times I can’t remember when she’d have to scoop me up from the bottom of a pool because I jumped off. When I was learning to swim I used to practice with my dad 3 times a week, and eventually I started training for my prep school swim team. There was no defining moment for me. Just a natural progression.”


Does this discipline impact you in other areas of your life?

“It definitely makes me competitive. But it’s also rejuvenating (and equally exhausting) to be in the water. Also, working with children everyday teaches you PATIENCEEEEEE. I have to read the dictionary every now and then to remind myself that I still know 2 syllable words because I spend all day simplifying everything (lol).”



Can you explain the psychology behind the fear of swimming?

“Wow okay. I have no certification to back my presumptions, but teaching swimming for 5 years has shown me that the fear of water is less about the water and more about the unknown. People are afraid to put their face in because they believe they lose control. They’re no longer in charge, as if the water has a mind of its own. What they fail to realize is that they control everything that happens in the water.”



Besides swimming, which other activities or sports do you happen to be interested in?

 “I’ve always liked basketball. I used to do the stats for the matches in high school.”



Who/ which group do you get your inspiration from?

 “Well what I do is kind of niche so I can’t really say I draw from anything other than the experience of my boss and coworkers. We are constantly innovating and evolving to ensure we get the best results from our swimmers.”


Feel free to contact Alex at:


Aquaworx Jamaica for classes


Blessings in abundance!


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