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Surviving the Summer Heat

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There have been many reports over the past week highlighting the heat that Jamaica will be experiencing for the summer. Many persons are already feeling the near scorching effects. It is a maddening reality for many persons as the energy levels are taking a serious hit due to this severe heat. It appears to be a mystery why every summer seems much hotter than the past one. It is not truly a mystery, however, as scientists have been warning us about how our actions are damaging the ozone layer.

Nonetheless, this heat can put a damper on summer enjoyment as it can negatively affect our health. It can be so severe that we start experiencing nausea, headaches and dizziness. This should not prevent us from enjoying ourselves this summer. Summer is a time where sunshine, blue skies, blooming flowers and vibrant sunsets can have us feeling a sense of gratitude. However, we must take special care in staying well and healthy for the summer, here are some tips:


  • Remember to drink water. Hydration is key. It is very important to stay hydrated due to our body’s inner mechanism, which can cause excessive sweating if our temperature goes above the normal range.


  • Wear loose clothing so that your body can feel at ease.
  • Aim to stay in cooler areas, so seek out air conditioned buildings, open those windows and blast those fans.
  • Try to reduce your exposure to the sun as much as possible. Utilize hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Hat and sunglasses

  • Drink cold drinks such as slushies and smoothies, as well as eat cold meals. Popsicles should be your friend for this summer.


  • Try to schedule your activities in cooler times, when the sun is not blazing hot. Make sure to schedule those meetings in early mornings and late afternoons.


  • Water is vital, but so are electrolytes in order to prevent dehydration. Get your dose of electrolytes from sports drinks such as Gatorade.

Keep safe this summer and play smart!




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