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Summer Body On A Budget!

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Summer goals? As Summer has already started, let this be the goal for the year! The trend of gaining a summer body is normally the talk in the months prior, but it always seem to fall flat for many persons.

Not committed enough? Not enough money? Exercises are too hard?

The reasons… excuses… just keep piling up. Money always seems to be the main issue as most persons are thinking of joining the gym, with all the fancy equipment and spinning classes. Though it might seem very appealing, and the money factor can get you down, it is not the end of the world or the only way to go. Having a Summer body is the ideal body that you want and not a set figure. Just block out all those magazine headlines! You are already beautiful the way you are, and there is nothing wrong if you want to enhance your physique on a budget. A healthy and toned physique is very much attainable, and here are some ways to meet those goals head-on.

Arrange a Walking Group

In gaining a toned physique on a budget, gather a group of friends and family and get a move on. Walking is a very good cardio exercise, with a lot of benefits for the body. In this manner, you can choose your preferred days and time. Walking or running can be done on a field, around your neighbourhood block or even at the park!

Dance Sessions

Do you love dancing? Well this is a great way to get your body fit and healthy. Choose some days, get some friends, and find an amazing playlist. Moving your hips to Dancehall, jumping up to Soca or simply moving to an instrumental, it is your choice! Get to stepping, move those hips and kick those feet.

Exercise/Yoga Apps

Another amazing way to get your body toned is utilizing free exercise apps, as this allows you to do things at your own pace. In deciding on what you want to work on, the preferred programme and time of day can be scheduled. Not a gym, but you still can do your squats and planks all from the comfort of your home.

Skipping/Jump Rope

Simple yet efficient. Get back in your childhood frame of mind and start skipping. You can skip to a set number or use a timer. With music or without music. This is a great cardio exercise that you can also do at your own pace at your preferred time. Give those kids a run for their money, and show them that you can do it better.

Healthy Diet

Gaining a summer body is not a work of magic, and hard work is needed. Most importantly, a healthy diet is key to helping you to get and maintain your desired physique. Make sure to eat your fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water as well as eat foods with healthy fats and oil. A treat is always nice, just don’t overdo it, and let all your hard work go down the drain.


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