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Sule Thelwell: Road to the RCSSD University of London

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My name is Sule Kamu Thelwell, and I am aware of the kind of contribution I want to make in this world. All human beings have one simple desire, and that desire manifests itself into being goals. In my life, my one desire is to inspire people to dream.



I come from a background where dreams are often forgotten at the hands of more financially viable options. My dream is become a world renowned actor who advocates, not only for Jamaican culture, but Caribbean culture on a whole so people who look and feel like me can have someone I never had – someone to aspire to. That is my dream.

In 2018 I graduated from The Glenmuir High School with honours. I’m now a 6th form student at deCarteret College. Within the past two years, I’ve been acting professionally, and I’ve since put all my energy into solidifying an acting career.  I’ve achieved success at both the national and secondary school level.  I’ve joined a performing arts company called QUILT, where I’ve done a myriad of performances and represented Jamaica, both regionally and internationally.



Specifically, I’m into Film Acting so that’s movies and TV. I’ve since had the privilege of being cast in projects such as “FEAR”, which is an international short film that was produced in Jamaica. I was also a featured talent in an upcoming music video for Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry”. I’ve since done other music videos, local commercials, and I produced my own short film.



The natural next step for me in my journey was to get into drama school, and I’ve since then applied to – and have been accepted for – The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in London. It’s one of the top 5 drama schools in the world and is extremely hard to get into. Of the 5000+ people accepted for an audition, I was privileged enough to make it into the 17 that’s accepted for this year’s cohort.

Many of our Jamaican cultural figures such as Louise Bennett-Coverley, Leonie Forbes and Trevor Rhone have all gone to drama schools in the U.K. It would be my honour to follow in the footsteps of icons. Unfortunately, neither I nor my parents are in a position to finance my studies abroad. This is where your help, your assistance is crucial in the continuation of my story. Any aid of any kind would greatly alleviate the pressure that my dream has placed on my family.

I will be successful; not only for myself, not only for my family, and not only for my country – but for those dreamers who still dare to dream.”



Fam. I definitely believe in what Sule says. I think you should to. This is how we support our own, by pushing them in the many positive ways we can so that they can help to uplift us all.

Please donate and share with as many people as you can, o.

Name :  Sule Thelwell

Email : [email protected]

Website : https://www.sulekamuthelwell.com

Go Fund Me Video : https://youtu.be/t8lA8wvf8EY

Go Fund Me Page : https://gf.me/u/yb29nj


Blessings in abundance!


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