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Stop Objectifying Women; Women are Intelligent and Bold

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Time and time again we hear that sex sells, but why does it sell mostly through women?

Sex and women are seen as normal companions through the media, in other words, women are constantly being sexually objectified. Sexual objectification is treating a person as a commodity or an object without personality or dignity. In essence, women are not seen for the intellectual, emotionally sensitive and liberated individuals that they are.

When we look at the media, advertisements are common ground for this inappropriate and unusual habit of sexual objectification. Take a look at the many car advertisements and look at how a car is personified to be the body of a woman. Advertisers see this as a method to promote their businesses and according to them sex makes a person stop to look; as it appeals to one’s emotion.


Women being objectified is not a thing of 2020, it has been happening for ages. Women have been fighting to be liberated from being viewed as sex objects for years gone by, changes have been made but there is still a long way to go. The way we dress in influence by the many advertisements as a way of appealing to men. Many men see the way females dress as a means of teasing or appealing to their sexual desires. What is common for millennials is that these influencers promote a level of sex appeal that ordinary social media users set as one of our many goals to appeal to the male candidates. A prime example is the hourglass body shape that is now glamorized. This has caused many persons to be body-obsessed finding the high way and the byways to get that body.

How the media portrays women can have both a negative and a positive impact. Numerous adverts present the slender, thin-framed women as more appealing. Therefore, one can almost predict that persons who are bigger built and without the hourglass that have low confidence and self-esteem could possibly fall trap to the many mental illnesses that are there. For instance, anorexia, depression, bulimia just to name a few. Because of the media, people can find it difficult to truly accept themselves. Additionally, it is important to be critical of these advertisements as they not only present the sexuality of women but showcase a submissive nature. In other instances, it makes a spectacle of the violence and aggression that women have to endure.


The highlight of this article is that woman are sexually objectified, however, it would fall short if the positivity of incorporating women in the media is not mentioned. With feminism evolving this sexual objectification is being seen as bold, fun and in line with the global world. Women who are from traditional society when they perceive other women displaying their body owning their body. This too is seen as a sense of freedom that they would like to achieve. To them, their body is not theirs but the temple of their husband. Similarly, many women are now able to present themselves as the masterpiece behind the adverts showcasing the talents and intelligence that is needed to present women in not only an appealing manner but also intelligent beings. This, therefore, is seen as strong girl power which too is also being embraced in adverts and through social media.

Women should not be seen as sexual objects, but a woman body should stand as a catalyst for liberation, intelligence and boldness.


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I couldn’t agree with this anymore. This was well said to portray the way in which women are still seen as sexual objects to this day.

Courtanae Heslop

Good read