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St. James Police Find Missing St. Catherine Girl During Search Operations

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The security personnel involved in combing operations in the New Ramble locality of St. James were in for a surprise when they found a young girl living with 3 older men in one of the houses. Police recovered a machine gun and some ammunition from the same house. While the men have been taken into custody for further investigation, the girl has been turned over to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) after learning that the 15-year old was reported missing by her family a few months back. The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday.

New Ramble a Haven for Violent Gangs

Even as the security forces are working against time to control crime in the parishes, the gangs involved in murder and serious violence manage to hide away from the police. There are some localities notorious for harbouring these gangs. For various reasons, the people in the community tolerate them either out of fear or for other considerations.

The detection of illegal firearms in the possession of the men at New Ramble will lead to their prosecution. As far as the minor girl is concerned, the details will emerge after the investigation whether her being in that house was a case of kidnapping and illegal confinement. Even if it is not, if it turns out that the men had had sexual relations with her then they will be charged for those offences as well.

A Policeman’s Advice to the Community

One of the policemen involved in the search operations spoke to the media and has expressed his dismay at the state of affairs. He has made a plea to the general public in the localities to cooperate with law enforcement in controlling the lawlessness in the area. He has asked the mothers in the community not to be silent spectators to such instances where a minor girl was living with three adult men. He said that it was the whole community’s reputation which was at stake because of such bad incidents and all steps should be taken by the parents to safeguard their children from crime.

The security forces have been conducting these combing operations and house to house searches. They have already recovered over 50 firearms since the beginning of the year.


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