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Sports: Netball with Vanessa Jones

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“The Jamaica national netball team, commonly known as the Sunshine Girls, represent Jamaica in international netball competition. Netball is not only the number one women’s sport in Jamaica but also the number one team sport in the island, based on World Rankings and recent history and the majority of the schools in Jamaica participate. Netball receives full media coverage on television, radio and in newspapers but does not get as much coverage as less successful team sports such as football and cricket. Jamaica were coached by former representative Oberon Pitterson, and captained by midcourt veteran Nadine Brya up to the end of 2013. However, a Technical Director (Jill McIntosh) and new coach (Minneth Reynolds), were appointed in early 2014. As of 29 May 2020, Jamaica are third in the INF World Rankings. While the senior Jamaican netball team is widely known as the Sunshine Girls, the Jamaican Fast 5 netball team is known as Jamaica Fast5 or the FAST5 Girls.”Wikipedia

Not being the sportiest person around, I got in touch with Vanessa Jones see what her experience was like being an athletic individual. Articulately and intelligently, she shared with me her nuggets of wisdom.


How would you describe your journey as an athletic woman?

“I would describe my journey as a rewarding and fulfilling experience. At a very tender age, I told myself that I would be successful in sports. I had the opportunity to represent Jamaica in not one, but two sporting disciplines namely Netball and Volleyball, and that for me was a great experience.”

Photo courtesy of Sports of Jamaica

Which sport do you prefer, and why?

 “I prefer Netball. For me, Netball is like my medicine or therapy whenever I feel stressed.”


See Gleaner Article here: “Jones working hard to net her goal’ – (November 6, 2009)


Are there any memorable achievements you can share?

 “Yes, definitely! In 2009 when I placed second in the shooting competition in the Under-16 Netball Tournament held in Jamaica and in 2010 when I became the captain in my final year of Under-16.”


How do you find balance in your life?

“Finding balance in my life is not so challenging. I think I do fairly well in balancing my social, spiritual and work life with sports. As it relates to rest, that is where the challenge lies sometimes, but I am doing much better in that area. In addition, I also found the time to complete my first degree at the University of the West Indies, Mona and I am looking to further my studies soon.”


Is there anyone or any group that has inspired you?

Simone Forbes, former captain of Jamaica’s Senior Netball team has always been my role model in sports. I would describe Simone as the epitome of greatness. She represented Jamaica in five sporting disciplines namely Netball, Basketball, Football, Hockey and Volleyball. Apart from representing Jamaica in these 5 sporting disciplines, she definitely found a balance, where she completed her first degree at Mercy College in New York and later completed her Master’s degree at the University of the West Indies, Mona. She is multi-talented, ambitious and hardworking.”


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Blessings in abundance!



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