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Sports: Football with Brian Mitchell

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You can’t miss his love for football once you get to know him, and he’s making his mark on the world. Read now his passion in words; I present to you Brian Mitchell.



How did you start playing football?

“I started playing football around the age of 6. I could remember every lunch time, my friends and I would gather around the back of the school and play football with plastic bottles… That’s if we didn’t have a ball.

Having this love for playing football led to me training for my primary school (Southborough Primary, Portmore, St. Catherine) and that is where I learned the technical part of the game – doing drills , learning to be a team player and all.”



Who would you say inspires you?

“My inspiration, rather inspirations come from three main persons: my dad and grandpa (both deceased) and my uncle.

My dad died at a very early age and so I didn’t get to watch him play. However, family and friends used to talk about how good he was as a player, and how he was always pushing persons to be better.

My grandfather, who’s an avid football fan of Manchester United and Brazil, would always take me to the field in my community and would play football with me. I remember attending Under 13 training and he would be the one to take me there and watch from afar off (without me knowing) and whenever we are home from training he would oftentimes tell me where I went wrong and what I could improve.

My uncle played the most inspirational role in my life. It was a corner league being held in our community and I told him I had a dream about scoring in a game and he said, “Okay, let’s make your dream a reality.”

On July 19, aged 11, I scored in a match which qualified the team to the semifinal. During my celebration, I had a panic attack! I was shocked that I scored! Lol. I can remember the spectators shouting “Biggs! Biggs! Biggs!” One of my teammates shouted, “Give him some water before him pass out!” Football became my life from this point on.”



Could Jamaica host the World Cup?

“They could, but we’d have to go under a lot of construction in terms of fields, construction of the Stadium. We only have two main stadiums that can hold up to about 50,000 people maximum, so we’d have to build about six more stadiums that can hold a capacity. It would bring in revenue, but also there’s a lot of stuff that we’d have to take into perspective. There’s accommodation for players and tourists, our climate (we’re a tropical country so the summer months would be hotter in our area), etc. It would be hard, but it’s something that can be done. Once we are able to sort out these and other things, we should be able to host the World Cup. ”



What does the sport do for your overall development?

“Playing football has helped me to be more of a quick thinker. It has helped me to work with people. Once you’re playing football and working with a team, you have to cooperate with your teammates; learn how to communicate, learn how to work with them and so forth. It has developed that aspect of my life where I’m able to work wonderfully in groups. It has taught me that competition is good. Rivalry is good. But at the end of the day, after the dust has settled, after the football has settled, we’re still friends and friendship is what matters. It has led to me forming a lot of good friendships that I have now, in terms of at high school, after high school, friends that I still have now. It has also created a buzz for me, whereby I was able to partake in different advertisements.  I remember advertising one time for Lime (now FLOW), when they had this football advertisement whereby they were showcasing their football competition which was hosted by Lime. I played a lead role in the advertisement. Football has developed me into the person I am today, and I am grateful for the support, very grateful for the support.”


How do you manage to keep your focus?

“While football is mostly physical, a lot of it is down to mental strength. You could be having a good game and in an instant that could change. I would spend time alone just to focus before a game. Also, I would watch clips of my two favourite players (Cristiano Ronaldo who currently plays with Juventus in Italy and Eden Hazard who plays with Real Madrid in Spain) in preparation. Having a balanced life helps you to maintain focus, and prayer and devotion are also key.

Most important thing is to remember your training, and set goals you can achieve. S.M.A.R.T. goals.”



How would you encourage others who have the same passion for the sport?

“Believe in yourself, be true to who you are. I remember hearing a story once of a little boy who cried because he didn’t have any shoes to play football in…and then he saw another kid like him with no legs. The lesson from that is to be grateful at all times. So for those who play football, keep working on it, practice becomes perfect. Let nothing hinder you. Whether it be your weight, your height, your physique, whatever it may be, continue to push at it. For those who are just lovers of the sport, keep that same passion, remember what caused you to develop such passion. Feed it, embrace it. This is football, the game we love to play.”

Please feel free to contact Brian at:



Blessings in abundance!


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Christine Ade-Gold
Christine Ade-Gold

Nice article! For the love of football 🙂