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Social Media and the Creative Industry

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The creative industry in the UK and around the world is multi-dimensional as it has many layers of talents and niche products. From hobbyists to digital innovators, social media plays a huge role in the creative sector and its customers.

For any new creative start-up who have a tight budget, social media is one free platform (unless you pay for special targeted campaigns), although it does require time to make an impact for your business.

Launching a new business on social media does not have to be complicated, although it can be a little time consuming when updating posts and special offers for new customers and clients. Spending several hours a week can be a positive benefit for a creative business, in between focusing on other tasks in your week.

Using different social media platforms depends on the creative business you have. If you are a local company or have a “Bricks and Mortar” Shop of office then Facebook tends to work well for creative businesses around the world. It signposts people in the local community as well as friends and family. Creating special “In-Store Offers” is a great way to advertise on Facebook to attract new and repeat customers and clients to visit your premises.

For visual creative businesses, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are better suited to social media platforms. Mainly because it can allow you to post your designs and videos as well as share other people’s work
If you are a blogger or vlogger (video blogger) then using YouTube is an essential platform for sharing your work. Uploading creative material to Youtube attracts views and shares that can make one video go viral. Filming, editing, and uploading videos can be tricky at first, especially if you have done it before. Having the right background details, noise level, and using the right technology for filming can add limitations to how your final video looks online. It is all about trial and error, but it can also be fun as a beginner by learning new skills.

Pinterest is creative for sharing projects, blogs, and videos making it a positive social media platform for new start-ups around the world. I have to admit this is my favorite as it inspires ideas and products that can be shared for all to see. It is a perfect platform for creative businesses, artists, and designers who have a niche market. Because it is visual, it can be used to link both businesses and customers to source new ideas and projects without having to search the internet for hours.

Twitter and Instagram are great platforms for posting and uploading photos and videos to enable sharing and commenting for all to see. It is about trial and error with social media to see where you can gain the most positive momentum and be beneficial for your creative business. No point spending hours is promoting on one social media platform that does not bring any new business or make you any money.

In my opinion, social media is a must for any new creative business as it can make a positive difference in growing and earning money. Traditional methods of advertising have been pushed aside because of super-fast technology and innovation, so flyers and newspaper adverts that can cost a great deal more are no longer beneficial for many new businesses. Choosing when to post on social media is also important as some days like weekends are not as busy as other days so using your time wisely to track your social media impact is key to success with a creative business.

Having a website or blog is a perfect way to link your social media profiles or icons so that people can click on the link to read more about what you do and what you post on your social media. It can also be a logical step into gaining new customers from your services or products. Having a website or blog can be done very cheaply as many companies offer free platforms where you can create your content to share online. Having the confidence to share your work with others on social media platforms will boost your business profile and help gain new clients.

As you can see, social media does allow your creative business to gain new customers and clients – just like everything, it takes time to grow and flourish.

Contributed By: Autumn Knight



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