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ShipMe Review: How It Works and How It Can Help Us

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An Introduction to ShipMe

ShipMe is a leading logistics provider in Jamaica that offers both national and international level cargo transportation. This provider not only offers efficient online shopping services for Jamaican residents and businesses, but it also lends a helping hand for packaging and mail forwarding services. With ShipMe, there is absolutely no restriction regarding the size of a package that you can send or receive.

Express shipping is one of the key highlights, thanks to the flexible flight schedules. Packages are transported to and fro very quickly and at really affordable rates. The rate per weight charges can also be an added perk of using this option.

How does ShipMe work?

Getting started with ShipMe is very easy. It takes just a few minutes and involves four simple steps. The first step is to create your free account online through the company’s website. Once you have successfully done with this, you will be sent an activation link to your registered e-mail address. Just click on that link and select Activate Account. Your account will then be ready for you to get started. When you log into your account, you can view the details of your new ShipMe US address.

ShipMe Review: How It Works and How It Can Help Us

When you shop online, remember to give your ShipMe US address for the delivery of the packages. The next step to be followed after you send the package to your ShipMe address is to create a pre-alert. To do this, you must login to your ShipMe account. You can give all details pertaining to your courier such as the courier name, tracking number and more. This can come in handy as it gives you time to prepare for the arrival of your package.

How can you track your orders with ShipMe?

With ShipMe, you will receive a notification alert about the arrival and/or departure of each of your packages. Additionally, the provider informs you about their delivery so that you can rest assured that the packages have reached their destination.

ShipMe Review: How It Works and How It Can Help Us

Moreover, you get e-mail notifications and/or SMS messages about where your packages are at every key point. These notifications keep you informed of when you can expect your parcels and when you can head to the ShipMe office for pickup. However, it is recommended that you add their e-mail ID to your safe e-mail list. This will help you get all your e-mails directly to your Inbox.

Why should you choose ShipMe over other logistics providers?

Special care is taken to ensure that the transactions with ShipMe are safe and secure. This is why the provider believes in encrypting customer data. It also deploys data storage and backs up the above details for additional security.

ShipMe firmly believes that the consumer reserves the right to return products forwarded through them. This is why they have a return service protection coverage policy for their customers. This allows you to return products that do not meet your requirements, whatever the reason.

What are the shipping rates?

ShipMe offers nominal rates for shipping both mail and packages. The rates are clearly stated on the website for you to have an idea about how much you can expect to spend on sending your mail or package. In some cases, you may have to pay a little more than actual if the Customs department feels that the contents are intended for personal use and are worth more than $50.

The company adopts a flexible pricing policy and the rates are charged depending on only the size of the package sent. The size of the box in which the package is sent does not add to the shipping cost.

Pros of using ShipMe

Undoubtedly, ShipMe has brought a smile to many avid Jamaican shoppers for more than one reason. The following are some reasons you might consider using this provider’s services if you are residing in Jamaica.

  • You can shop online using your local credit cards without any hassles.
  • Like anyone from any other part of the globe, Jamaicans can use ShipMe services to buy their favourite products from an online retailer and get them delivered to the desired address.
  • The shipping cost calculator on the dashboard when you login to your account gives you an idea of how much you would approximately need to spend when you make a purchase.
  • You can add other members to your account so that you can authorise them to collect your package on your behalf in case you are not available at the time of delivery.

ShipMe in the News

A couple of years ago, ShipMe was in the news regarding its storage of unclaimed packages. The company reduced the time it offered to store goods for customers in its storage space. The provider slashed the initial two months waiting period to half the time. Unclaimed packages were taking up space in their warehouse and they were running out of space for packages that were getting ready for pick up. The company requested those who have not collected their ready to pick up parcels to do so at the earliest possible. Parcels ready for pick up for over two weeks would be moved to short-term storage for another couple of weeks. Following this, ShipMe announced that it had the right to dispose the packages on its own accord.

ShipMe Review: How It Works and How It Can Help Us


ShipMe has a wide global presence that makes it trustworthy for Jamaicans to actually enjoy their online shopping experiences. The provider has also earned a good reputation in the logistics market that proves its credibility. It has its own aircraft for the transportation of online shoppers’ purchases from the United States to Jamaica. This helps in adjusting flight schedules and offers assurance of more efficient and faster delivery. The shipping rates are also quite reasonable that ensures its services can be easily availed by anyone. Utilising modern computerised systems to carry out its operations, ShipMe ensures that packages sent through them reach their customers as soon as possible. Like Jamaica, the logistics provider extends its services to other Caribbean Islands such as Cuba, The Bahamas and even some parts of Central America.


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