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Sexual Abuse Cases – CISOCA Claims Success in Obtaining Convictions Against Teachers

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It appears that more teachers from the Corporate Area have been found guilty of committing sex crimes, than from anywhere else. Is that due to the proactive steps taken by the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA)? At least that is what Senior Superintendent, Charmaine Shand, the police officer attached to CISOCA would like to believe. She says as many as 60 men have been handed out prison sentences and a majority of them were teachers, sports coaches, etc. This number is for the Kingston and St. Andrew localities, but the teachers hail from different educational institutions in the Corporate Area.

Some Cases Cited as Examples

One of the cases the police officer referred to in her speech at a Rotary Club event is that of a football coach who was employed by Mona High School in St. Andrew. This man is a popular figure having coached Premier League football teams earlier. He is accused of having sex with a female minor. There were two charges against this man, Kevin ‘Senseh’ Williams; indecent assault and having sex with a minor. The court found him guilty on both counts and handed down a total sentence of 16 years in jail. It is reported that he may end up being in prison for at least 10 of those 16 years. More importantly, Williams has been prevented by the court from engaging in any sporting activity involving children even after he completes his prison sentence.

Handling These Cases Not Easy

While she said she is happy about getting such convictions, Senior Superintendent Shand stated there were cases where the predators received protection from those within their communities. She disclosed that the investigations into such cases face many obstacles. Sometimes, the real names of the people accused are not known, since they go by aliases. As mentioned, in other cases, the community of the accused offers protection and collecting evidence becomes virtually impossible. The CISOCA says if it receives a complaint and the crime is ‘substantiated’ it will immediately arrest the accused.

If the efforts of CISOCA can decrease the instances of such heinous crimes in the future, it should be encouraged and supported by citizens; creating a better Jamaica.


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