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Sandals Unconcerned About Fraudulent Tax Lawsuit

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Last week, a class action lawsuit against the Sandals hotel chain was filed in the United States district court for the Southern District of Florida. The Jamaican hotel chain has stated that it intends to defend itself vigorously against this lawsuit.

Vitali Feldman, a resident of New Jersey who has been visiting the Sandals resort for the last three years, has claimed that the 12% tax that this resort charges from its guests is not deposited to the government, instead they keep it for themselves. However, the official of Sandals has declined this claim completely.

Sandals’ Responds with Official Statement

A Sandals representative claimed in an official statement that the allegation that they have not paid over the taxes charged at their hotel to respective governments is completely false. Furthermore, Sandals stated that they pride themselves in being one of the biggest private employers in the Caribbean; they are one of the biggest contributors to the economy when it comes to paying tax. They allow full transparency in their regular audits for all the activities and work performed in any of the territories, with no exception.

Sandals Not Planning to Fall Back

Apart from this, they also added in their statements –

“Most of the class action lawsuits are claimed to force a company into a settlement for avoiding any bad publicity. In the course of our business, we have never charged any inappropriate and unjustified taxes from any of our clients, and we will not cower to any of these false accusations”

The resorts chain said past records and trust reigns supreme in this ever connected digital era – where anyone can claim anything regardless of how true or false it is.  Having garnered great relationships and reputations with their clients for almost four decades, the hotel chain believes their clients will continue to put their faith in them again and again.

“Sandals intends to defend itself against this claim right to the end”, the company insists.


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