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Lesson #4

Family Members – Not all of us were blessed with excellent family members, I know there are people out there with family members they do not deal with period. Unfortunately, there are family members that are so similar to parasites you cannot tell the difference. They live and feed off you rather than trying to provide for themselves. As I said before, not everyone has this experience so if you don’t, be grateful and appreciate what you have. Avoid family members that ask you to pay this and that or ask you to lend them this and that every time you get paid. I know you might think that this is your family member, but if you want to be on the road to be financially comfortable, you have to learn to be stingy. Learn to say NO and mean it! 

Lesson #5

Believe in yourself – Your mind is such a powerful influence on and in you whether you want to believe it or not. If you tell yourself you can’t then you won’t. You cannot have doubts about your own business and expect someone else to believe in it. You cannot have doubts about your talents and dreams and expect someone to invest in them. Change your outlook on your business and you will be surprised to see how far you can reach. 

Consider Walt Disney for example, did you know his teacher told him he was not creative and look at what he built? Believe in yourself, belief in your dreams no matter how far fetched they may seem at first then start attacking them step by step, and watch yourself flourish.

Lesson #6

Collaboration – If you read my book, “Attract, Maintain, Reward” you’d notice some information about collaboration. My advisor told me that a lot of people do not make it any further than where they are because they refuse to collaborate with people.

There are so many collaborations in every industry today, music, beauty, writing, and so forth. The only problem why I’m sure you would feel skeptical about collaborations is because Jamaicans are greedy and feel like they are entitled. It is rare to find someone willing to invest in your idea and watch it spring forth. Jamaicans only support you when have already made it not in the come up.

That is why I decided that I will be doing a huge investment in one Jamaican entrepreneur this year that needs finances to get their idea off the ground. I know based on experience how it feels to have an idea but no money to turn your dreams into a reality. Participants will be required to register on our website for their chance to enter the competition. Don’t worry, we are not interested in stealing ideas, only investing in one just to help out in any way we can.

I didn’t intend for this email to belong (maybe I’m making up for the past two weeks) however, knowledge is power. Heed the lessons discussed above and let me know if you need any help or clarification on anything discussed. 

Also, please look out for more information regarding the competition during our anniversary period (May-August 2021). We want to get as many entrepreneurs as possible involved in this program. 






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