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S on Your Chest, Be your Best Challenge. Mission: Defeat COVID-19

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The world is in great peril. Humans live in fear and abject terror, as the world is seized by the evil COVID-19. Yet within each person underneath those baggy t-shirts and those stained sweat-pants beats the heart of a hero. Your mission, save us all by becoming an elite super warrior (or at least a less boring human being) in the space of two months by completing the impossibly possible Superhero training program. Remember our future lies in your hands.

Pick a random number each day and complete that daily challenge.  There are 60 challenges in total.  All challenges can be completed at home.

Here’s your daily challenge list may the hand sanitizer and masks be with you!

  1. Learn how to say “be safe” in two languages foreign to you.
  2.  Do 30- jumping jacks
  3.  Sign up and volunteer on Zooniverse
  4.  Try to follow a 3-ingredient recipe (youtube should be an excellent source for that)
  5.  Unscramble this famous saying: het ylon  ngith neasscery rof teh mphuirt  fo live si tath odog nme od gnihton
  6.  Plant seeds and start a mini-garden.
  7.  Do 20 sit-ups.
  8.  Do a free online university course on Coursera/edx
  9.  Learn how to do origami.
  10.  Create your own song on Chrome Music Lab/ Noteflight.
  11. Learn karate.
  12.  Try yoga.
  13.  Learn first-aid.
  14. Do /Try soduku.
  15. Learn how to play Senet (Egyptian chess- you can download an app in the google play store.)
  16.  Research/ find out 3 things about pathogens
  17. Follow an online drawing tutorial.
  18. Learn how to speed read( this might take several days but give it a try)
  19.   Create a new game
  20.  Learn to juggle
  21.   Learn how to say hello in any 10 languages.
  22.  Do some research on the animal you like the most
  23.  Practice controlling your breathing
  24.   Write down 8 numbers (the first number must be one) circle every other number. Write down a country and then look up both the year and the country.
  25. Learn a magic trick.
  26.  Complete an Escape Room Game (my recommendation Escape Game 50 rooms- you can download at google play)
  27. Look up 10 uncommonly used words and try to incorporate them into your everyday speech
  28.  Learn how to play Fidchell( its a Celtic board game- you can download an app in the play store)
  29.   Look up your Human Rights.
  30.  Learn to right with your “bad” hand
  31.  Make invisible ink.
  32.  Clean your room(and make a list of 5 of things you forgot you had)
  33.  Weakness? (first thing that comes to mind write it down ). Try to work at it.
  34.  Learn how to escape a tracker
  35.  Research an animal you are terrified of.
  36.  Improve reflexes- throw a pillow up in front of you and each time try punching it away 10 times, then kicking it away ten times
  37.  Balance on one leg for a minute.
  38.  Try reading something that is upside down
  39.  Learn a new card game.
  40.  Make a mini-obstacle course
  41.  Strength? (write down the first thing that comes to mind)
  42.  Complete the quote: Darkness ___ drive out____: only____ can ___ that
  43.  Watch a movie based on a true story.
  44.  Check up on the news
  45.  Look up some funny jokes and share it with someone to brighten their day
  46.  Learn Morse Code
  47.  Learn how to tie different kinds of knots
  48.  Pick a pop-culture superhero and find out his strengths and weaknesses
  49.  Look up some weird facts about humans
  50.  Make a list of everything you want to do after COVID-19 ends
  51.  Learn how to make hand-sanitizer
  52.  Up-cycle an old piece of clothing (using the diy of your choice- youtube may prove resourceful)
  53.  Do a plank for forty seconds
  54.  Look up the meaning behind your name
  55.  Try reading a new book
  56.  Save up some money to donate to charity
  57.  Try to make up a new dance
  58.  Write a letter to your future self
  59.  Recommend to someone else you know that they do this challenge
  60.  Run around your house for 10 minutes.


Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash


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