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Ronaldo Russell Needs Your Vote!

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“The Y4SD Smartphone Film Festival (YSFF) brings the fastest growing innovative mobile film phenomenon to Jamaica with a mission of encouraging more of Jamaica’s future filmmakers to share positive stories shot on smartphones. As easily accessed filmmaking tools Smartphones are ideal for amateurs and professional filmmakers. With cutting edge technology in the palm of our hands we can present a model to bring the fastest growing innovative mobile film phenomenon to Jamaica with a mission of encouraging more Jamaican future filmmakers to share and re-tell positive stories of Jamaican life. Focusing on what is right in Jamaica and the sustainable future we wish to preserve.” –  Y4SDJA


“Please click the link and like this short film on YouTube. Each like = 1 Vote.”Ronaldo Russell


“I really craved an avenue to help persons who are ill; my life goal was to have at least an answer to help someone in that way. Being a doctor is just an amazing opportunity for me to do this, and corona has basically reaffirmed for me that this is something that I definitely want to do… It has done so because it puts firmly into perspective the part we play, the role as doctors, to not only provide physical health but mental health.”Dr. Taralee Ramsay



What inspired this documentary?

“This documentary was inspired by the doctors and nurses. I wanted to see how they thought during the Covid-19 crisis, what happens in their daily lives, challenges, etc. Somebody’s life is in your hand and I wanted to know what that was like. I feel like doctors and nurses don’t get the treatment they deserve. Not only do they have to try and save lives, they also have to protect themselves in order not to infect their families and the people around them.”


Why examine the field of medicine?

“That was a section that played a major part in the Covid-19 pandemic. Without medicine, people would not be getting better in Jamaica or the rest of the world.”



What was the filming process like?

“The filming process was done in step-by-step stages. I started off with getting a narration, or the doctor’s perspective; so I went and met with her, talked with her, got her opinions. From there, I went on and I took some shots of her daily routine.”


What do you hope to achieve by winning at this film festival?

“By winning this festival I hope to achieve recognition. I want everybody to know that you don’t need expensive stuff to do what you want, you can use what you have and try to make the best of it.”

Is there anyone you would like to thank for their contributions?

“I would like to thank God most of all, Tru-Sha Dixon, Rochelle James, Dr. Taralee Ramsay, Kimora Woolery and Aisha Hayles for transcribing narration, the people who did lighting and video, people who actually watched the video and liked it, and all my supporters. I really, really appreciate it and would like to thank everybody. ”


Direction is by Ronaldo Russell.


Remember, just one vote is all it takes by liking the video. I encourage you all to show your support.


Please feel free to contact Ronaldo at:


Blessings in abundance!


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