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Several writers and motivational speakers today are emphasizing the importance of writing your clear vision and reminding you to have a timeline on your (SMART) goals to ensure that your objectives or the steps to go after them are measurable and achievable.

Be assured that small victories or achievements motivate you to become consistent in going for the others. However, what will become of your dreams when life happens and your well-laid plans get derailed before you hit the jackpot? When you look back, you will see those small accomplishments which should encourage you to go easy on yourself for not reaching the goal in the timeframe you had in mind. Do not be hard on yourself. Pick yourself back up and continue on the journey. Dare to dream again!

Now we will not kid ourselves and pretend that writing your vision is easy to do. Therefore, you can imagine that for some people, picking up the pieces and starting over may prove to be very challenging. But like in the vision writing process, there are some steps to take when you have to start all over.

Re-write your vision
This does not mean you have to revamp your vision altogether. You may need to change some deadlines, some plans to get to the goals, and the tools you will use to accomplish these. You may have to change some aspects of your vision to make it more achievable. For instance, one of your goals to help you with accomplishing your ultimate decision may be to attend classes to learn how to operate a small business. In the current case of a pandemic, that aspect of the plan will need to be changed; not discarded altogether. But you could start looking for entrepreneurship classes that may have moved their classroom to the internet and enroll in one.

Remove redundant dreams
You may need to take off some of the items from your vision board altogether. This could prove to be extremely difficult if they involved the input or support of others but these persons are no longer in your ‘good book’ or have transitioned from this life. However, be assured that it has been proven over and over again that humans are a lot more resilient than some of us realize. Removing them should serve as a way to clear the mind space to start again.

Add new visions
It is hardly likely that you will need to change every single item on your vision board when you hit an obstacle on your journey. However, if that is the reality in your case, do not be afraid to add new visions and start the process all over again. Even if you do not have to remove all of them from your vision board, I am encouraging you to add new visions to the list. For me, this current delay in my vision plans has caused me to follow all the suggestions I have placed here, including adding new goals. In fact, adding these new visions that are grounded in the new opportunities I see emerging, has softened the initial blow I felt when I realized I had to tweak my plans, my deadlines, and tools and also remove some visions or goals from my board. What I have done is put the ones I removed in a ‘holding file’ to see if later I can tweak those too and make them work.

Follow the same procedures for writing your vision
I suggest that you treat your new visioning as you would when you were just starting the process of writing your clear vision (I am assuming that you have already written that vision). Whether you are just starting out or rewriting your vision, there are some things that you need to do.
– First, you should identify the people who can assist you in achieving your goal. I am emphasizing here again that we need each other to survive. An African proverb reminds us of this: If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.
– Next, identify the technical and human resources that you will need to help you carry out your plans. These may include new (exercise) gears, additional training, or an assistant.
– Assess the expected difficulties. Make alternate plans to avoid or rectify anything that could possibly go wrong or may slow you down as you try to make progress in your goals. I am not sure who came up with the Latin proverb or term ‘to be forewarned is to be forearmed.’

Don’t allow life to just happen to you. Create what you want your life to look like; that unique thing that the world is waiting on and depending on you to add to it. Remember, even if someone else did something similar, it is not the same as what you are about to come with; because no two persons are exactly the same. And even if you have to do it without human help, check in with your Creator and find out what is your purpose for being here in the land of the living. Write that vision, and if for any reason you find it almost impossible to proceed with your original plans, dare to dream again.


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One thing I have come to accept about life is that… One thing that remains constant in life is change. We have to adjust it many situations. we might not be ready to accept the change, but for the most part once we accept the change it serves us for the better.