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Regional Flights Operations from Jamaica Restarted After 14 Years

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Regional and domestic flight operations of Air Jamaica Express, a subsidiary of Air Jamaica, ceased in October 2005. This left a major untapped market in Jamaica. On Tuesday, Robert Montague, the Minister of Transportation and Mining, announced that a new airline will take on the operations for these untapped routes. Howard Levy, owner of one of the investing airlines, has offered flights to, from and around Jamaica. These operations will commence on June 15, this year. Yet another airline owner, Lyndon Gardiner, from Turks and Caicos Islands has offered to start flights in Jamaica starting in July.

 Scaling Flights to Wider Regions

After this airline project has been initiated, the Minister stated that the flight operations will be available for regions like Caribbean islands, Mexico, and Florida. The Minister also expressed that Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay is the fastest growing airport which has seen growth since 2017. He specified that the ticketing hall inside this airport will be renovated and shopping areas and food courts will be developed. He disclosed they have been devising plans to increase the size of the immigration hall.

Airports Seek Development in Jamaica

There will be 30 more ticketing kiosks and 50 immigration kiosks installed inside the airport to enhance the experience of the passengers and reduce the waiting time. There will also be an expanded security check at both ends of the runways to increase the safety of the passengers. He announced that most of the operations that are under development will be executed by October this year.

A contract has been launched to start a solar power system at the airport so it can scale its operations in the future and not have to purchase power. The Montego Bay airport’s rooftop has been chosen as the preferred location to start the solar power project. An engineering and construction contract has been procured for this project with the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA).


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