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Reggae Girlz Made to Feel at Home in Europe During Their Tour

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The women’s football team from Jamaica, the Reggae Girlz, is happy to be receiving hospitality in France. They are happy to inform that the Jamaican Association in Switzerland has provided them with goodies, food, water, immense love and made them feel at home. They have pledged support to the Jamaican team whenever they tour Europe.

Hospitality and Love for the Jamaican Women’s Football Team

The women’s football team is comprised of nine members. They are captained by Konya Plummer. The team made a 90-minute presentation of their sport during their tour in Geneva, Switzerland. They were presented with isotonic water, food, drinks, protein, fruits, and favorite foods of Jamaicans such as corned beef, water crackers, and bottled pepper. The sports team was happy to receive a warm welcome in Europe and mentioned the same when they were touring France.

Jamaican Association in Switzerland Extending Help

Carole Beckford, the Public Relations Strategist and Sports Authority had called the association and reminded them of the help they could provide the team while they were in Europe. The team was therefore very pleased to receive this warm welcome and hospitality. A very positive response was sent when the public relations and the marketing team informed them of assistance. Though a few of the team members suffered from injuries such as broken legs, they were still enthusiastic to be a part of the tour and received crutches to support their broken legs.

Hue Menzies is the coach of the team while Jean Nelson is currently the team’s manager and Omar Folkes is the equipment manager. Folkes received the supplies for the team on their behalf.

Though faced with injuries, the entire team expressed joy about being a part of such a great opportunity, exposed to a different environment and were elated to receive so much love.


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