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Record Label: White Blackz Music

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How did your musical journey begin?

“Like most people, from mi young mi a listen to music but mi just love music, like mi cyaa get enough a it. Once mi start come up like 13, 14, 15 dem time deh mi cyaa get enough a music. Even when mi inna school and mi a go to the bathroom mi put on mi headphones and listen to a one song before mi drop back inna class. Mi just a nyam music like crazy. Dem time deh, mi use to love Jamaican music but it was more Hip-Hop cause you know seh mi come from America and that’s the main music. Dem mi come live a Jamaica after likkle bit, and mi see some names like Popcaan, Vybz Kartel and memba seh mi did have few song download fi dem and ting. Mi start feel the vibes for Jamaican music, and from deh so is mostly Jamaican music mi listen to. But mi never really mek song. Then, when me move outta Jamaica and start mek few song, people like it. This was some free program on the computer, not really nice equipment or anything and people say “Yo, this bad!” So mi seh alright. An den mi come back up ya fi do some school and mi a mek some just fi fun, and people seh dem love dem song yah and some people seh “yo, tek it serious” but mi never tek it serious. Mi have one bredrin, and him did start learn how fi build riddim. Wi did a work a di same place and di man start show mi a few weh him build and dem bad. Mi seh eeh? If him can do it, me can do it cause that would sick. Den mi get a program pon mi laptop and start try build beat. From deh so it just kick off!”


(He mentions the “Curfew Riddim Challenge” by Teflonzincfence, a musical freestyle initiative that had various lyricists exercising their skills on social media. This was how I got to know about him.)



How do people react to the name “White Blackz”?

“People usually laugh enuh, dat a dem first reaction and dem seh “B*mba, dat mek sense enuh, cau – you is a white man but you have di Jamaican style like yah Jamaican black man!” Yah man, people like the name and it ketchy, like when people hear “White Blackz” dem affi laugh. Dem affi smile and seh “Jah Jah, star”. So, is a good name and people cyaa figet it.”


What do you love about Jamaican music?

“Mi love everything bout it! Before mi did come experience Jamaica inna di full hundred, mi did mostly use di riddim dem and di vibes and drum pattern dem. It just ave a vibe, like when certain song play yuh affi dance. Mi come fi learn patois so mi can understand di song dem, and I was like, “woah!” because the lyrics dem just outta dis world; certain tings weh doan rhyme in Standard English can rhyme in patios, and dem way deh. And den yuh have the consciousness of lots of Jamaican music. It just ave a really good vibez; anyweh yuh deh, you can put on a bad Jamaican song and people ago love it, even if dem nuh understand one word di song a seh.”



Is your label currently working with any artistes?

“Yea, whole heap a artistes and is a up and coming label so wi just a come outta di gate and start dweet the right way. Every day is a next step up for the label. Mi a artiste, when me do some songs. Den, mi have some artistes from Africa mi a work with like Ecko Star from Uganda, and one named Volts Mc weh me a work wid. A dancehall dem a do same way, but it have the African style. And den mi a work wid some Jamaican artistes same way like some yutes weh mi know from outta May Pen. They call themselves  HengTeam. One yute named Vital, and one yute named Khalifa. You have a next general outta town weh name Gmoney900Savage. Wi have other collaborations and projects, but a dem a di main ones still. ”




Is there anyone or any group that inspires you in your work?

“Mi love the greats from the 90s and 80s like Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Damian Marley. Dem is a foundation, and di way dem do it, di riddim dem wasn’t so hi-tech back in di days. It was more simple, so a dem mek di song bad wid dem voice and style. Nowadays you have bad riddim and di artistes dem really lyrical same way. Inna the production side, mi favourite producer right now is Teflonzincfence, Not Nice, Anju Blaxx and Dre Skull (especially since he’s a white guy like me and he come and do album fi Popcaan and Vybz Kartel so mi affi rate Dre Skull). Even the new movement wid Trap Dancehall, mi affi rate Din Din and dem producer deh fi inspiration same way. Artiste-wise, almost every artiste inspire mi. From dem name artiste, mi can probably find some inspiration and listen to them.”


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Blessings in abundance!


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